Academic writing: is it necessary?

Academic writing job (or academic letter) is a style of writing, impassive and impersonal, as a rule. It is actively used in the field of science because texts are written in this style mainly contain only reliable facts and irrefutable arguments. But this style can be also useful in any other genre of literature.

What is academic writing job for?

Skills of writing in academic style will help the young writer in the following:

  • Acquisition of basic skills in writing of various texts
  • Performances at various competitions and conferences
  • Publications in magazines and newspapers
  • Public speaking implies communication between the writer and the audience, it can stir the interest of readers to the author very well

If a young writer is studying at the university or institute with a speciality related to literature, possession of academic writing will make it much easier for him to write term papers and dissertations.

In general, it will be useful for anyone to master the skills of academic writing. It develops intellect, makes speech richer, turns its owner into a very interesting person for the interlocutor.

Unfortunately, in this article, I will not be able to disclose the content of the entire course of study in academic writing fully, but I will briefly describe its main points.

Level one. Basic writing skills

  • Structural elements of Paragraphs;
  • Thesis statements;
  • Arguments;
  • Design;
  • Transitions;
  • Grammar rules.

The paragraph is a set of sentences on the same topic, related to each other within the meaning. In academic writing, the main rule is that one Paragraph can reveal only one idea. The thesis is written at the beginning of Paragraph, it points the way for the further development of thoughts.

Besides this, there must be arguments supporting the idea and thesis, and logical transitions between sentences. The end of Paragraph contains the final sentence.

Level two. Short papers

  • Prewriting strategies;
  • Types of papers;
  • Annotation as a special type of text;
  • Essential formats;
  • Guidelines on style;
  • Punctuation rules.

The process of writing a small text begins with the organization of the thoughts of the writer and making a plan. It is very important to become familiar with the requirements for work and determine the style and format of the future text. At this stage, the appearance of the work is also studied, because the appearance is not less important than the content.

Level three. Publishing in International journals

  • Academic journals rating;
  • Tips on preparing publications;
  • Anti-plagiarism.

The publication is one of the most important parts of a writer’s job. But for success in this matter, it is necessary to know how to choose the right journal, how to prepare an article, how to edit it, and then send it for publication.

Level four. Presentation

  • Presentation structure;
  • Methods of attracting the attention of the audience;
  • Design of slides;
  • Manner of speech;
  • Questions and answers.

In the past, academic writers needed  less presentation than they do now. Nowadays, an unsuccessful presentation can ruin even the most interesting and useful information, with its’ author. That is why it is vital for any writer to be able to present himself and his works so that people remember and appreciate them. The speaker should really interest the listeners. Also, the image of the author himself is not less important in public speaking. Well-chosen appearance, manner of speech and interaction with the public guarantee the success of the writer and the interest of people in his future works.

Findings. Is academic writing needed to the writer?

Of course, if you want to become a writer or a journalist, you don’t have to study academic writing, and no one forces you to do this. But you will surely agree that you yourself are much more attracted to books and articles are written by people who know their stuff and write really professionally. And in addition to this, they are also able to present the results of their work to other people. Of course, academic writing is difficult, it will turn out clearly not on the first attempt. But let me give you a tip: dedicate some of your free time to this, and you will acquire so many interesting and really useful skills.