Are cistern levers universal?

Standard lever designs suitable for many toilet WC cisterns.

Are cistern levers universal?

Standard lever designs suitable for many toilet WC cisterns.

Do toilet handles come in different sizes?

There are many different styles of handles available to choose from. To see if a particular handle will work for your toilet, call the customer service number for the brand, give them your toilet name and model number, and ask them to check compatibility.

What size are toilet cisterns?

Dimensions: Close coupled cisterns are on average 400mm wide, 410mm high, and project 165mm from the wall. Larger and smaller sizes are also available.

How do you flush the toilet when the handle is broken?

It is still possible to flush a toilet when the handle is broken. All that you have to do is to open your toilet’s tank, find the part called “the flapper”, and then lift it up. Doing this will result in an immediate release of water into the toilet bowl which will then flush down its contents.

Can I replace my toilet cistern?

However, you don’t always have to change the entire thing – you can always replace parts of a toilet in stages. This may be to save costs or you may have come across an issue. If that’s the case, outside of a flusher or seat, your cistern will often be replaced.

What size cistern do I need?

If your cistern is rectangular in shape, rather than square or circular, you can determine its capacity by the following procedure. Multiply the length by the width by the depth (all in feet) to get the number of cubic feet of storage. Then multiply this figure by 7.5 to get the number of gallons of storage capacity.

Do you have to hold the lever down to flush the toilet?

If you have to hold toilet handle down to flush the toilet completely, that’s usually caused by a flapper that is not totally lifting away from the flush valve. – In most cases when the toilet continues to run, it is due to the flapper not fitting properly into the flush valve opening.