Are there any movies about the Battle of Stalingrad?

Are there any movies about the Battle of Stalingrad?

Enemy at the Gates (2001) R | 131 min | Action, Drama, War.

  • Stalingrad (1993) Not Rated | 134 min | Drama, War.
  • Stalingrad (2013) R | 131 min | Action, Drama, War.
  • Stalingrad (2003– )
  • Hitler: A career (1977)
  • They Fought for Their Country (1975)
  • Code Red (2013)
  • Stalingrad: Dogs, Do You Want to Live Forever? (1959)
  • Which Stalingrad movie is best?

    The German Stalingrad is the good one. The Russian version is awful—and by all accounts way more successful at the box office. Directed by Joseph Vilsmaier from a script by Jürgen Büscher and Johannes Heide, the 1993 Stalingrad is easily one of the best war movies ever made …

    Is Stalingrad movie accurate?

    Stalingrad is a 2013 Russian film directed by Fedor Bondarchuk and set mainly during the 1942 Battle of Stalingrad. Its principal historical merit is in its accurate depiction of the often-devastating effects that World War II had on everyone involved – both in and out of combat.

    Is Stalingrad 1993 a true story?

    Stalingrad is a 1993 German anti-war film directed by Joseph Vilsmaier. It follows a platoon of German Army soldiers transferred to the Eastern Front of World War II, where they find themselves fighting in the Battle of Stalingrad….Stalingrad (1993 film)

    Languages German Russian
    Box office $152,972

    How accurate is Stalingrad 1993?

    The movie is fictional and does not attempt to give an overview of the battle. It could be set in any number of urban combat scenarios. As a depiction of the trials of a typical squad of Germans caught up in the battle, it is fairly accurate. The weapons and equipment are authentic.

    What language is Stalingrad?


    What city is Stalingrad today?

    Now Stalingrad city is called Volgograd.

    Is Stalingrad 2013 true story?

    The movie’s actual story line—which the present-day narrator, a Russian relief worker telling his life story to a group of German children trapped under building wreckage in the wake of a tsunami in Japan (those who have some background in Russia’s foreign relations will not find this narrative convolution completely …

    Who won Battle of Stalingrad?

    the Soviet Union
    The Battle of Stalingrad was won by the Soviet Union against a German offensive that attempted to take the city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd, Russia) during World War II.