Can I accept expired passport for i9?

No. Expired documents are no longer acceptable for Form I-9.

Can I accept expired passport for i9?

No. Expired documents are no longer acceptable for Form I-9.

Can you use an expired passport for verification?

You cannot use an expired Passport or State-issued ID to verify your identity.

Does passport have to be signed for i9?

To complete Form I-9 for on-campus employment, the F-1 student employee is only required to present an unexpired foreign passport and an I-94 indicating F-1 nonimmigrant status. Employers are not required to record information from the student’s Form I-20 in Section 2.

Do I-9 documents expired?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced an extension of the flexibility in complying with requirements related to Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, due to COVID-19. This temporary guidance was set to expire August 31, 2021.

Can I-9 documents be verified electronically?

The Society for Human Resource Management asked the Department of Homeland Security, the parent agency of USCIS, to approve the temporary suspension of Form I-9 and related E-Verify completion-time requirements and temporarily allow virtual verification of identity and work-eligibility documentation.

Can you accept pictures of documents for I-9?

The I-9 form does not require an employee to provide a social security number, and it doesn’t require a photo on identity (List B) documents.

How long can an expired passport be used as ID?

The only exception which applies to expired documents is that a passport which expired less than 2 years ago will still be accepted.

What happens if I-9 is late?

Failing to timely complete an I-9 for employee or doing a really bad job of it can result in fines of $110 to over $1000 per employee for the first infraction. These fines impact large and small business alike.

Do I need to update I-9 after green card?

U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents will have permanent work authorization in the U.S. However, a foreign worker whose work authorization is temporary must indicate the expiration date under Section 1 of the Form I-9, and the employer must reverify the employee’s eligibility to work in the United States on or …

Do I need to update I-9 after citizenship?

You are not required to update Form I-9 when your employee has a legal change of name. However, it is recommended that you maintain correct information on Forms I-9 and note any name changes in Section 3.

How do I get my I-9 verified?

Information about E-Verify, a free and voluntary program that allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of their newly hired employees, can be obtained from our website at or by calling 1-888-464-4218.

Do I-9 documents have to be originals?

No. Employees must present original documents. The only exception is that an employee may present a certified copy of a birth certificate.

What is I 9 documentation?

The Employment Eligibility Verification form, also known as Form I-9, is a form that the U.S. government requires for each employee. I-9 information and the supporting documentation it requires proves two things: Employees are who they say they are. The I-9 includes three sections—one for the employee and two for the employer.

What is an I 9 document?


  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad issued by the Department of State (Form FS-240)
  • Certification of Birth Abroad issued by the U.S.
  • Certification of Report of Birth issued by the Department of State (Form DS-1350 or FS-545)
  • Can passport be expired for I 9?

    The temporary policy, effective immediately, allows List B identity documents that expired on or after March 1, 2020, to be valid, acceptable documents for Form I-9 purposes.

    Are expired documents acceptable for I-9 purposes?

    E-Verify is already set up to accept expired documents, so an expired DL can be entered there. As far as the I-9 is concerned, there has been guidance posted on I-9 Central that speaks to expired documents during this crisis. However, for employment purposes, the talentReef platform does not accept expiration dates that are in the past.