Can you stand in the 3Arena?

Can you stand in the 3Arena?

Do age restrictions apply to shows at 3Arena? Most of our shows will have an age limit of over 16’s, unless otherwise stated. The standing area at all shows at 3Arena is strictly over 14’s unless otherwise stated by the venue.

What area of Dublin is 3Arena?

The 3Arena (originally The O2) is an indoor amphitheatre located at North Wall Quay in the Dublin Docklands in Dublin, Ireland.

Is 3Arena all seating?

13,0003Arena / Capacity

Where is the best place to sit in the 3Arena?

The best seats in the house are in the central column of the first row of tiered seating. The worst seats in the house—at the back of the top tier—are nearly 200 feet from the main stage, which is either not a problem or “I might as well watch this on TV,” depending on your eyesight.

Do you need a vaccine for 3Arena?

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland on Friday, the Tánaiste said that there will be no requirement to be vaccinated to attend a club match or a music gig when they recommence.

Do you need to be vaccinated to go to the 3Arena?

Do I need a vaccination certificate to attend events No, government guidelines no longer require attendees at events to be vaccinated.

How old do you have to be to stand at a concert?

Even if an adult is attending, some events won’t let anyone under 18 attend. Please note that for events that do allow children, they must have an adult aged 18 years or over with them at all times.

How big is 3Arena?

The 3Arena is undoubtedly the focal point of the area. The venue has a capacity of up to 13,000 when fully standing and 9,000 when fully seated. It was designed to achieve high-end sound and spectator satisfaction.

Do you need a Covid cert for 3 Arena?

Is MK 3 Arena Cancelled?

Unfortunately, due to the current government guidelines and regulations surrounding Covid-19, we’ve had to reschedule the November 26th Dublin show at 3Arena to 11th June 2022.

Do you have to wear masks in 3Arena?

In terms of face masks, the venue says: “There is no longer a government requirement to wear masks at indoor events. It is entirely your choice if you would like to wear a mask on your next visit to the 3Arena.”

Is MK 3Arena Cancelled?