Did Isabelle Fuhrman auditioned for Katniss?

Did Isabelle Fuhrman auditioned for Katniss?

Isabelle Fuhrman auditioned for Katniss Everdeen I went in and actually auditioned for her, but I was too young because I [was] 14.” Jennifer Lawrence took on the role, and Isabelle described her as the “perfect” Katniss.

How old was Isabelle Fuhrman during Hunger Games?

Fuhrman had originally auditioned for the role of Katniss, but she was told that she was too young, as she was only 14.

How old is Clove in the books?

Clove is the secondary antagonist of the first book The Hunger Games, and in the film adaptation of the same name. She is a fifteen-year-old tribute from District 2, along with her district partner Cato.

What did Jennifer Lawrence say about The Hunger Games?

Continuing on, Lawrence revealed that starring in The Hunger Games films clouds her judgment of the entire franchise. “If I wasn’t in them I would love these movies,” she joked. “I’m the worst part of the whole franchise.” Clearly, Lawrence is her own worst critic.

How old is Isabelle Orphan?

Orphan starred Fuhrman (now 24) when she was 12 years old. Jaume Collet-Serra directed the film that also starred Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard and — spoiler alert — followed an adopted girl who turned out to be 33 years old and appeared younger due to a rare hormonal disorder that stunted her growth.

How old was Aryana Engineer in Orphan?

21 years (March 6, 2001)Aryana Engineer / Age

Does Cato love Clove or glimmer?

Cato never loved Glimmer he was just trying to make Clove jealous. And the truth about Cato’s love comes out when he ditched Glimmer with the tracker jackers but he tried to save Clove when she almost died.

Did The Hunger Games cast get along?

The costars quickly formed close bonds, especially the main trio. “The truth is, it was literally what everyone saw in all of our interviews together,” Hutcherson exclusively told Us Weekly in September 2020 of their friendship. “It was all of us being ridiculous children together, horsing around.