Does the MCX do layaway?

We offer you three convenient ways to layaway merchandise: 60 day layaway for all other merchandise (except jewelry) 120 day layaway for fine jewelry.

Does the MCX do layaway?

We offer you three convenient ways to layaway merchandise: 60 day layaway for all other merchandise (except jewelry) 120 day layaway for fine jewelry.

Can civilians shop at MCX?

Whether you’re an Active Duty or Retired Service Member, or a dependent of, or you’re an Eligible DOD Civilian, you’re permitted to take advantage of shopping in our stores and NOW online!

Can you do layaway online?

Payments can be made in store or online. If you miss a layaway payment, you have a seven-day grace period before your contract is canceled. The eight-week program has a $5 service fee and $10 cancellation fee, while the 12-week program has a $10 service fee and $20 cancellation fee.

Can you do layaway online at Best Buy?

Unfortunately, you cannot do layaways online at Best Buy. The financing policy at Best Buy excludes layaways and includes the use of credit cards or leasing-to-own options instead.

Are Nex and MCX the same?

Navy Exchange Service Command Beginning Oct. 1, the Navy Exchange (NEX) and Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) online retail and uniform stores will transition to a new unified online e-commerce portal at

What is MCX military?

Marine Corps Exchange – Marine Corps Community.

Can civilians enter NEX?

To access the NEX online store for shopping, DoD and Coast Guard civilian employees will need to sign up for an account at using their DoD ID or last four digits of their social security number and birthdate.

Can civilians use the commissary?

Yes, since November 2003, members of the Guard and Reserve – including the Ready Reserve, Selected Reserve, Individual Ready Reserve, Inactive National Guard, Guard and Reserve retirees and their authorized family members – have enjoyed unlimited access to commissaries in the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico.

Can I get on base with a veterans ID card?

Only with a VHIC can the veteran get access to the base. All a veteran has to do is take their VHIC, along with valid state ID, driver’s license or passport, to an installation’s Pass and ID office. If this office isn’t outside the base, call ahead to find out where to go.

What is the Marine Corps Exchange at Camp Pendleton?

On May 3, 2012 the Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) at Camp Pendleton opened a new 147,000 sq. ft. store near the Main Gate. Marines, Sailors and their family members were introduced to the largest shopping experience in the Marine Corps.

What parenting resources does MCCs Camp Pendleton offer?

As a military parent, you have a wealth of parenting resources, benefits, and programs with MCCS Camp Pendleton both on base and virtually. MCCS has compiled resources for parenthood support from pregnancy and early development years to school age and tricky teens.

Does Camp Pendleton Ship to store have free shipping?

All Ship to Store orders for Camp Pendleton, CA come with FREE shipping and are eligible for pick up at three locations: Pacific Views MCX, San Onofre Marine Mart, or Mainside Marine Mart. Families of authorized shoppers are welcome to experience all that the MCX offers with discounted prices and tax-free shopping.

How do I find a childcare provider at Camp Pendleton?

FCC providers are trained, certified and monitored to provide quality, in-home childcare aboard Camp Pendleton. Childcare hours, services and availability to provide care may vary from provider to provider. Please visit to view available providers in your area, or call the Family Childcare office at (760) 725-7631.