How can I make my window well look better?

How can I make my window well look better?

Spruce up your Existing Well

  1. 1 Hang Plants. Hanging plants from your existing egress window well can go a long way towards increasing your view.
  2. 2 Decorate. Many people simply overlook their egress window as a place where they can decorate.
  3. 3 Plant Flowers.

How do you measure a window well cover?

Measure the Window Well for a Cover Measure the width of the window well at both the front and back, where it touches the house. Note the widest width. Then measure from the side of the house to the outside edge of the window well in at least two places. Note the shape of the window well.

Can you cover window wells?

Having a cover for your metal window well will help keep the snow, leaves, water, and even animals out. More importantly, it can help with the problems with drainage. Unless the well has a special designed drain, you may end up with water inside your house.

What do you fill window wells with?

Fill your window well with gravel to promote drainage. Since basement windows often are positioned at or below ground level, a window well is positioned directly in front of the window. This lets in sunlight as well as helps keep water from seeping into the basement through the window.

Are window well covers a standard size?

Size. The horizontal area of the window well needs to be a minimum of nine square feet, with a minimum horizontal projection and vertical width of 36 inches. Given the math involved, some homeowners may expect the dimensions to be the toughest part of installing a window well.

Do window well covers come in different sizes?

Window well covers come in different shapes and lengths to fit window wells of various sizes. Materials vary also, from polycarbonate to plastic. Certain types and sizes may work better for your window wells, depending on climate, their size, and what you need to keep out of the wells (like pets or children).

Are window well covers necessary?

Why Get a Window Well Cover? Anyone with below-ground egress windows with window wells should protect them with window well covers. The potential danger to children and animals falling into a window well is serious, and the concerns of wild animals taking shelter in a window well aren’t unfounded.

Whats the purpose of window well covers?

Window well covers are sheets of material, usually metal or plastic, designed to fit over window wells and prevent people or animals from falling in. They’re also meant to keep rainwater and snow from collecting in window wells, where they could cause basement flooding.

Do you have to have a window well cover?

At Window Well Experts, we recommend that all window wells be fitted with a proper cover. When you look at the benefits of window wells, almost all of them require a sturdy, leak-proof cover in order to achieve their fullest benefit.