How cold does it get in Puglia?

How cold does it get in Puglia?

In Puglia, winter is relatively mild. The temperatures of the cities along the coast usually never fall below 0 degrees C (32 ° F) while the highs can even reach 16 degrees (51.8 ° F) in the areas of Salento and the lower Murgia.

How hot is Puglia in July?

July is traditionally the hottest month and of the year in Puglia. Temperatures soar to a sizzling 29 and 30°C (85°F). The weather in Puglia in July is hot and dry. Days are long, skies are blue, the sun blazes down and it’s one of the driest months of the year with just 24mm of rain.

What is the main industry in Puglia?

Agriculture is still the most important sector in Apulian economy, both in terms of employment and production.

Is Puglia windy?

It’s pretty breezy here all year round. In summer, gentle puffs of wind tickle the olive groves and cool the vineyards. In winter, especially in January, these same winds can become fairly chilly and there can even be the occasional flurry of snow.

Which airport do you fly to for Puglia?

There are two main airports in Puglia: the Karol Wojtyla Airport in Bari and the Airport of Salento in Brindisi.

Why is Puglia famous?

Puglia is famous for its olive oil production. The region provides around 40% of the country’s olive oil, which amounts to around 300,000 tonnes every single year!

What is there to do in Puglia in the winter?

What to do in Puglia in winter

  • Enjoy Puglia’s famous places without the crowds.
  • Taste the best Puglian food.
  • Admire the beautiful Christmas decorations.
  • Take part to Alba Dei Popoli in Otranto.
  • Experience Fòcara Festival Fire.
  • Attend Madonna Della Media festival in Monopoli.

How hot is Puglia in August?

around 24°C
The weather in Puglia in August is hot and sunny with average temperatures hovering around 24°C sometimes soaring into the late 20s. It’s not the driest month – that award goes to June – but there are only about 30mm of rain on three of the 31 days.

What is the weather like in Puglia in May?

The weather in Puglia in May is dry and warm. It’s the start of the summer season with an average high temperature of 22°C (71°F). Evenings are mild, the sea is now nudging 18°C and it’s one of the driest months with only 35mm of rain falling over a handful of days.