How do I build my FTP for cycling?

How to Increase FTP

How do I build my FTP for cycling?

How to Increase FTP

  1. Increase the duration of your weekend group rides. You need to go over 4 hours to really stress your cardiovascular and muscular system.
  2. During the week you should do 3 days of solid FTP intervals (91-105% of your FTP).
  3. Try to be rested between sessions in order to maximize the benefits of FTP work.

What is a good FTP cycling score?

Overton says the average newer rider with some fitness will hover in the 2.0 range, while top cyclists in the world hover around 7.0. That number won’t affect your training at all, but it’s a good way to see how you compare to other riders.

How do you do a FTP test on Rouvy?


  1. Warm up for 15 minutes. Repeat three times – a 30-second sprint to prepare your muscles for intensive effort.
  2. Perform a 20 minute time trial.
  3. Cool down for 15 minutes.
  4. Multiply your average power of 20 minutes time trial segment by 0.95 to find your FTP.

How long can you cycle at FTP?

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is an estimate of the power an athlete can sustain for about 60 minutes or a 40km TT. There is no formal model or protocol for establishing it, most people use rules of thumb like FTP is 95% of 20 minute power, or they use the best power from a 40km TT.

Do long rides increase FTP?

Go long. The occasional long ride is an excellent way to improve your aerobic fitness, which ultimately determines your FTP. So, riding for three hours or longer trains your body to become more resilient and your energy systems to burn energy more efficiently.

Is 250 FTP good?

FTP in watts for males There’s also a spike at 250W because it’s a nice round number that’s very close to the average FTP. 49% of people have an FTP below 260W. 44.3% of people have an FTP of 270W or more.

Does FTP decline with age?

“From the age of 30, V02 max drops in the region of 10 per cent a decade. If you continue to train hard you can reduce that to more like 5 per cent per decade, after the age of 30,” Shaw says.

Is Rouvy any good?

The data on the site is very useful, but not much different than Strava or any of the other trackers, so overall a bit redundant. If you’re looking for a wide variety of routes and realistic resistance, ROUVY is a great way to mix up your indoor training and see some of the classic courses around the world.

What is a good FTP per kg?

How ‘good’ is your FTP?

World Class Pro Cat 4 and 5
Male 5.6 – 6.4 w/kg 2.4 – 3.6 w/kg
Female 5.3 – 5.6 w/kg 2.0 – 3.1 w/kg

Is 300 watts a lot cycling?

The article claims that a typical fit cyclist might be able to crank out 250 to 300 watts as an average for a 20 minute FTP (functional threshold point) test, while the pros usually average 400 watts.