How do I change the paragraph indent in Word?

Change paragraph indents and spacing

How do I change the paragraph indent in Word?

Change paragraph indents and spacing

  1. Select one or more paragraphs that you want to adjust.
  2. Go to Home and then select the Paragraph dialog box launcher .
  3. Choose the Indents and Spacing tab.
  4. Choose your settings, and then select OK.

What does block indent mean?

In general, a block indent is multiple lines of text that are indented. Most programs and websites that indent text block indent the paragraph or all text following the first line, unless it is a first-line indent or hanging indent.

How do you indent a quote Harvard?

For block quotes, omit the quotation marks, start the quote as a new paragraph on a new line and indent the whole quote 1 cm from the left-hand margin of the page. Don’t indent from the right hand margin. Introduce the quote with a colon. As a rule block quotes should be used sparingly in your essay.

Do you indent in Harvard referencing?

Arrange reference entries in one alphabetical sequence by the surname of the first author or organisational name, or by the first word of the title if there is no author. Start each reference with a new line, no indentation.

What is increase indent in MS Word?

The Increase Indent button adds a 0.5” (1.27cm) indent at the left margin for the entire paragraph (not just the first line). The Decrease Indent button, meanwhile, does the exact opposite. Alternatively, go to Layout > Paragraph on the ribbon and adjust the values in the left and right indent boxes as required.

How do you not indent the first line of a paragraph?

First-line indent by default

  1. Put the cursor anywhere in the paragraph.
  2. On the Home tab, right-click the Normal style, and choose Modify.
  3. Select Format, and then choose Paragraph.
  4. On the Indents and Spacing tab, under Indentation, select First line.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Select OK again.

How do I indent multiple lines in Word?

Select OK.

  1. Select the text where you want to add a hanging indent.
  2. Go to Home > Paragraph dialog launcher. > Indents and Spacing.
  3. Under Special, select one of the following indent styles: Hanging. First Line. None. On Hanging and First Line indents, you can adjust the depth of the indent with the By field.
  4. Select OK.

How do you indent on both sides?

To indent both the left and right sides of a paragraph, set both left and right indents to the same value. To undo any paragraph indenting, set both Left and Right indent values to 0.

How do I block indent in Word?

Here’s how:

  1. Hit enter before the first word of the quote, and after the last word of the quote.
  2. Highlight the text.
  3. Right click and select paragraph.
  4. Under indent change left to . 5″