How do I choose a Bible study topic?

Choose a curriculum or study that views God’s Word as exactly that—God’s Word….1. A clear direction.

How do I choose a Bible study topic?

Choose a curriculum or study that views God’s Word as exactly that—God’s Word….1. A clear direction.

  1. The Gospel Project goes chronologically through the story of the Bible while addressing key Bible doctrines.
  2. Explore the Bible systematically studies different books of the Bible.

What are good Bible study questions?

5 Important Questions to Ask As You Study the Bible

  • What is the passage saying?
  • What does this passage mean?
  • What does this tell me about God?
  • What does this tell me about people?
  • How should I live my life based on what I have read?

What are the main topics in the Bible?

The great biblical themes are about God, his revealed works of creation, provision, judgment, deliverance, his covenant, and his promises. The Bible sees what happens to mankind in the light of God’s nature, righteousness, faithfulness, mercy, and love.

What is personal Bible study?

In Christian communities, Bible study is the study of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religious or spiritual practice. Some denominations may call this devotion or devotional acts; however in other denominations devotion has other meanings.

How do you start an individual Bible study?

How to Start Studying the Bible: 7 Helpful Guidelines

  1. Make the Goal of Bible Study to Encounter the Person of Jesus Christ.
  2. Approach the Scriptures as a Dialogue With God.
  3. Develop an Attitude of Thanksgiving.
  4. Think About Ways You Can Apply the Word.
  5. Develop a Teachable Spirit.

What is the 3 question method?

We propose a simple and novel 3-question approach to select study designs. The questions are asked in a stepwise manner with answers in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The responses to each of these questions lead the researcher towards choosing the appropriate study design.

What is a good topic for a Bible study?

Recognizing Temptation – You can’t overcome temptation if you don’t know what it is!

  • Money and God – Most teens don’t relate yet to the concept of a budget,but they do like having stuff!
  • Doers of the Word – James 1:22-23 has great applications for the modern teen to not just be a hearer of the word but a doer.
  • What Does it Mean to Follow Christ?
  • What are some interesting Bible topics?


  • Celibate Clergy
  • Change
  • Channeling
  • Child Training
  • Children
  • Christian lifestyle
  • Christianity
  • Christs,
  • Church
  • What are good Bible studies?

    Foundations: Bible studies for all people

  • Academy: University-level classes
  • Institute: Seminary-level classes
  • How to improve your Bible study?

    Dedicate Unhurried,Uninterrupted time with God. Just like anything else we desire out of life,we must make this a priority and then have the discipline necessary to

  • Eliminate Unrealistic Expectations. I confess that for years I have had unrealistic expectations of what a relationship,a good relationship,should look like.
  • Don’t let it get stale.