How do I get into London Business School MiM?

How do I get into London Business School MiM?

What you need: Completed online application form; application essays; GMAT/GRE equivalent score (a minimum of 600 is suggested); one-page CV; names and details of two referees, one academic and one professional; IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE, or PTE academic scores may be required to prove English language ability; …

Is it difficult to enter London Business School?

While the London Business School does not publish an official acceptance rate, our users shared that the acceptance rate is between ~10% – 20%.

What GPA is required for London Business School?

3.3 and above
What degree do I need to apply and how do I know if I meet the academic requirements? We accept strong undergraduate degrees in any subject area equivalent to a UK First or 2:1 or a GPA of 3.3 and above. You must complete your undergraduate degree prior to the start of the programme. I don’t have a degree.

What does LBS look for in applicants?

LBS students are very active in community-related events – social, sports and clubs. The Admissions team is looking for candidates who will participate and lead these activities enthusiastically and contribute beyond as alumni.

Is LSE good for MIM?

With an admission rate just below 5% the MiM at LSE is amongst the most competitive degrees in the world. The school is committed to keeping the class size small and the student quality high. At a double-digit number of students, we are one of the smallest MiM cohorts around.

Which is better LBS or LSE?

LBS MFA and LSE MFin are both great for VC and PE careers. Pick for one of them based on opportunity cost, well established network in geography you want to work in, and expected renumeration. LBS is more prestigious and more professional.

Is GMAT required for MiM in London Business School?

You must take either the GMAT or GRE before you submit your application. If you have not received your official score report by the time you submit, we do accept the unofficial score report as evidence. We have no minimum score but recommend you apply with a GMAT score of 600 or above.

Does lbs MiM require GMAT?

London Business School started offering a Masters in Management (LBS MiM) in 2009….LBS Masters in Management graduating class of 2019/2020.

LBS MiM graduating class of 2019/2020
Total Students 251
Countries represented 45
Female Students 45%
Average GMAT 681