How do I install Zend Framework 2 on Windows?


How do I install Zend Framework 2 on Windows?


  1. We can install ZF2 skeleton application in 2 different ways: Case 1.
  2. Open GIT Bash and go to ZendSkeletonApplication folder using: Copy Code.
  3. Add the following in httpd-vhosts. conf (E:00ampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.
  4. Finally, add the following in your host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\host).

How do I install Zend Framework on Windows?

Install ZendFramework in Windows

  1. Download ZendFrame_work from And put it into wamp/www root, if you want to then you can rename it.
  2. Then go to “C:” -> “windows” -> “system32” -> “drivers” -> “etc” -> “temphost”, then change it as in:

Which command is used to install Zend Framework 2?

The command: composer create-project -n -sdev zendframework/skeleton-application path/to/install always create a ZendFramework 3 app is their is a command to create a project of zendfrmaework 2.

How do I install Zend Framework?


  1. The recommended way to start a new Zend Framework project is to clone the skeleton application and use composer to install dependencies using the create-project command:
  2. Alternately, clone the repository and manually invoke composer using the shipped composer.phar:

How do I run Zend Framework on localhost?

Make sure that you update your /etc/hosts or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file so that zf2-tutorial. localhost is mapped to 127.0. 0.1. The website can then be accessed using http://zf2-tutorial.localhost.

How do I run Zend project?

Running the Zend Framework Example Project

  1. Expand your Zend Framework Example project in the PHP Explorer View. The project’s sub-folders will be exposed.
  2. Expand the sub-folder called public and right click on the sub-file index. php. From the right click menu select Run As | PHP Web Application.
  3. Click OK.

Is Zend Framework free?

Zend Studio is not free software, whereas the Zend Framework and Zend Server Community Edition are free.

How do I run a Zend project?

How do I run a PHP file in Zend Server?

To run the application:

  1. In the PHP Explorer view, expand your project and go to Public | index. php .
  2. Right-click the index. php file and select Run As | PHP Web Application.
  3. Once verified, click OK. Your application appears in the internal Web browser with the changes.

How do I open Zend Framework in localhost?

How do I install Zend Framework in composer?

$ composer require zendframework/zendframework. This will install all 61 packages required in composer.json. Alternately, all Zend Framework packages can be installed individually; for instance, if you need only the MVC package, you can install with the following command: $ composer require zendframework/zend-mvc.

How to install Zend Framework in PHP?

Zend Framework doesn’t need to be installed. It is merely a library, it just needs to be placed somewhere. As johannes says you need to tell php where to look for the library so you add the folder where the Zend Framework library is located to your php include path.

Should I install Zend Framework under my htdocs?

I would also recommend that you install Zend Framework outside your htdocs directory. There’s only one PHP file you need under your htdocs: that is the single bootstrap file that Zend Framework uses to instantiate the Front Controller and dispatch the request.

How do I install Zend on XAMPP?

In the end, in a fit of depression and anxiety, serendipity happened. All I did was as per XAMPP’s ZEND documentation I right-clicked inside C:\pp\\apps\\myapp\\htdocs folder and clicked ‘ Composer Install ‘ which reinstalled the Zend files from cache. Then refreshed http://localhost:8081/myapp/ and the Zend intro page appeared.