How do I know what size filter cartridge I need?

To identify your Filter Cartridge you need to do the following:

How do I know what size filter cartridge I need?

To identify your Filter Cartridge you need to do the following:

  1. Measure the Outside Diameter of the End Cap. Use exact measurement (+ or – 1/32″)
  2. Measure Cartridge Length.
  3. Measure Top Inside Diameter.
  4. Measure Bottom Inside Diameter.
  5. Identify the correct Top and Bottom type.

Are all pool filter cartridges the same?

All Pool Filters are NOT Create Equal Just because two filter cartridges are the same size does NOT mean they provide the same filtration for your pool. Filters are nothing more than a piece of filter fabric that your pool water gets pushed through to trap debris.

How do I know what size pool filter I have?

Multiply the average depth by the surface area to find the total volume. Or, wrap it all into one formula: L x W x D = V. This is the volume of your pool. If your pool is “L” shaped then break it into two (or more) rectangles and calculate the volume of each, then add the volume together.

What are the different size pool filters?

There are usually 4 or 5 types of filter sizes. The smallest for above-ground pools, mid-range for small pools around 15,000 gallons, and large filters for large pools above 25,000 gallons. This is pretty straight forward, but you’ll want to make sure your filter size is not too small when compared to your pump.

How do I choose a cartridge pool filter?

Filter Size The filter flow rate must be rated at least the same GPM as your pump, or higher. With pool filters, it’s best to err on the larger size so it can handle the power of your pump. A helpful rule of thumb is to choose a filter with at least 1 square foot per 10,000 gallons pool capacity.

How often should you change pool filter cartridges?

Generally most people replace their filter cartridges about every 3-5 years, but don’t use the amount of time that has passed as the only determining factor, monitor the performance of your filter. Your time frame may be longer or shorter depending on the demand placed on the cartridge.

Which is better DE filter or cartridge?

A DE filter will work better on smaller particles while a cartridge filter will work more efficiently with larger types of debris.

What size cartridge pool filter do I Need?

I have a rule of thumb for cartridge pool filters: 100 sq. ft. of filter surface area per 10,000 gallons of pool water, as a minimum. I like to see the 400 sq. ft. models on in-ground pools above 25,000 gallons.

How do I know what size pool filter I Need?

Filter Size to Pool Size Another rule of thumb I have for pool filter size is to look at the swimming pool size in gallons. If you’ve never calculated this before, take some measurements. The formula is Length x Width x Average Depth x 7.5, for rectangular pools.

What size filter for a 16×32 above ground pool?

A 16′ X 32′ above ground pool would require at least a 90 square foot cartridge filter. For future commenters, you can refer to this guide for sizing an above ground pool filter: How to Size an Above Ground Pool.Filter

Does Home Depot sell pool filter cartridges?

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