How do I record a webinar on my computer?

How to Record a Webinar on Your PC

How do I record a webinar on my computer?

How to Record a Webinar on Your PC

  1. Choose a screen recorder app.
  2. Open the app you want to use to record.
  3. On your keyboard, use the shortcut “Windows-G” and click “Yes, this is a game” to get started.
  4. When you’re ready to record, use the shortcut “Windows-Alt-R” and click “Start recording.”

Can you screen record on Windows 7?

Double-click the ScreenRecorder shortcut on your desktop to open it. Select the element you want to record. Click the drop-down box on the left side of the ScreenRecorder bar, then select either FULL SCREEN or a specific window to record. Check the Audio box to enable audio recording.

How do I record a webinar in Windows?

To record a live webinar, start your session and then click Start Recording (on Windows), or Record (on Mac). This option is found at the bottom of the Screen Sharing pane. When you are finished recording, select Stop Recording.

Can you save a webinar?

To save your webinar recording, click Share and then choose from popular social media and sharing destinations like YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive. To save your video files as MP4s to your computer, choose the Share to File option.

How can I record a webinar as an attendee for free?

How to record a webinar as an attendee with a Google Chrome extension

  1. Install the desktop app and open the recorder.
  2. Choose what you want to capture.
  3. Start the recording.
  4. Stop the recording once you’re done.
  5. Share the recording directly from the platform.

How do I download a webinar recording?

The principle of 4K Downloader is simple: copy-and-paste the URL of your webinar replay from YouTube, select your file type, and download. Once you open 4K Downloader, you’ll be prompted to paste your link. Do it! When finished, the final video will be available in your chosen destination folder.

What is the best way to record a webinar?

How to Record a Webinar

  1. Download a screen recorder. Snagit is my favorite screen recorder because of its versatility as an image and video capture software.
  2. Set up your recording. I’ll walk through this process in Snagit, but the workflow is very similar in Camtasia.
  3. Record your webinar.
  4. Edit and Save.

How do you record a webinar on your computer?

Set up your recording. On your Windows PC or Mac,visit,where you can click on “Start Recording”,and a recorder box will appear.

  • Set the audio input.
  • Start recording.
  • Edit recording.
  • Finish recording.
  • Video hosting and management.
  • How to record webinars on your computer?

    Record a live webinar without time limit.

  • Record any audio on your computer,as well as the voice from microphone.
  • Take a screenshot of webinar of the whole screen or selected section.
  • Add real-time drawing and mouse effects to your screen recording.
  • Get simultaneous webcam overlay while recording with any screen size.
  • Can I automatically record my webinar?

    Yes, webinars can be recorded. Your webinars will be recorded and saved automatically in your YouTube or Twitch. You can use your recordings to create auto webinars or even sell them in your courses as well. Do webinar participants have to register? Yes, all users need to register to join the webinar.

    How to record a webinar on Windows 10?

    Launch Jumpshare Download Jumpshare for free on your Windows or Mac desktop and launch it.

  • Record webinar Click on the Record Screen in Video button and adjust your recording window. Then hit Record.
  • Upload and share