How do you get the gem in Boulder Dash?

How do you get the gem in Boulder Dash?

Boulder Dash is the fifteenth level in Crash Bandicoot. This level contains 35 boxes in total but to destroy them all and unlock the clear gem, you must first complete the level “Lights Out” and obtain the PURPLE GEM.

What order should I buy gems in Crash Bandicoot?

How to Get All Colored Gems in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

  1. Blue Gem: Turtle Woods – Don’t break a single crate.
  2. Red Gem: Snow Go – Follow the secret path using the portal in Air Crash.
  3. Green Gem: The Eel Deal – Follow the secret route behind the stage’s fake wall.

How do you get past the boulder in Crash Bandicoot?

When you start the stage, break the boxes in the tunnel and move froward to start the boulder rolling down. You’ll be chased the whole level by a giant boulder. Stay in the center and jump across the pits and on the platforms you see. You’ll need to be quick throughout, otherwise the boulder will squish you.

How do you get the gem in Crash in Crash Bandicoot?

Clear Gem 1 – Smash all 102 crates. To reach all of the locations with crates you need to take the secret passage in Bear Down (one of the locations in Sewer Warp Room). (Clear Gem 2) – Complete the Death Route. To unlock it, you have to activate the pressure plate that opens it, without dying once.

How do you unlock the whole hog in Crash Bandicoot?

The key needed to unlock the Whole Hog secret level in Crash Bandicoot on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC is awarded for collecting three Neo Cortex pick-ups on Island 2’s Sunset Vista level, then completing the bonus level.

How do you get the gem in road to nowhere?

Try to jump near the normal crate and destroy only that crate. Move away from TNT crates that will soon explode. By one of the unlocked checkpoints (see screenshot) you will find one of two places to put a red gem from Slippery Climb. A platform will take Crash right.

How do you get the great gate gem?

The Great Gate is the third level of Crash Bandicoot. To get the levels Gem you must first get the yellow gem from “The Lab” level which will allow you to destroy all 38 boxes throughout the level.

How do you get the gem in the great gate?

How do you get the relics in Crash Bandicoot?

Time relics are collectibles won after completing a level in time trial or relic race mode below a certain time. They first appeared in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. There are three main tiers of relic: sapphire, gold, and platinum.