How do you implement SCD3 in Informatica?

How do you implement SCD3 in Informatica?

Steps to Create SCD Type 3 Mapping

  1. Create the source and dimension tables in the database.
  2. Open the mapping designer tool, source analyzer and either create or import the source definition.
  3. Go to the Warehouse designer or Target designer and import the target definition.

How is SCD Type 2 implemented?

SCD Type 2 methodology is implemented where historical data is maintained in the Dimension table. This method doesn’t overwrites the old data in the dimension table with the new data, perhaps it keeps the previous data and new data with proper versioning using Flags or Timestamps.

What is SCD3?

A Type 3 SCD stores two versions of values for certain selected level attributes. Each record stores the previous value and the current value of the selected attribute. When the value of any of the selected attributes changes, the current value is stored as the old value and the new value becomes the current value.

What is the difference between SCD1 SCD2 and SCD3?

Hi Sabarish, Difference : SCD2 is unlimited history and SCD3 is limited history. Explanation: 1- Using SCD2 you can save unlimited history with the help of the Surrogate Key .

How is SCD Type 3 implemented?


  1. Data Flow SCD Type 3.
  2. CDC Extraction Query.
  3. Lookup Target Dimension Table.
  4. Evaluate Record Type.
  5. Query- INSERT format.
  6. Surrogate Key Generation.
  7. Query- UPDATE format.
  8. Map_Operation- UPDATE Records.

What are the different types of Scds used in data warehousing?

What are Slowly Changing Dimensions

SCD Type Summary
Type 1 Overwrite the changes
Type 2 History will be added as a new row.
Type 3 History will be added as a new column.
Type 4 A new dimension will be added

What are the 3 types of SCD?

Which SCD type is better?

For dimensions, you need to decide which columns can change, and whether you need to know their previous value. If none of the columns can change, then SCD0 is usually the most appropriate.

How SCD types are implemented in Informatica?

HOW TO: Implement SCD Type-2 using Dynamic Lookup in Informatica Cloud (IICS)

  1. Employees table.
  2. SCD Type-2 Mapping in Informatica Cloud.
  3. Lookup Condition tab in Lookup Transformation.
  4. Advanced Properties in Lookup Transformation.
  5. Return Fields configuration in Lookup Transformation.
  6. Field Mapping in Lookup Transformation.

Can we connect two fact tables?

The answer for both is “Yes, you can”, but then also “No, you shouldn’t”. Joining fact tables is a big no-no for four main reasons: 1. Fact tables tend to have several keys (FK), and each join scenario will require the use of different keys.