How do you install a Honeywell HZ322?


How do you install a Honeywell HZ322?


  1. Mount the HZ322 TrueZONE panel near the HVAC equipment; locate it on a wall, stud, roof truss, or cold air return.
  2. Separate the zone panel cover from the base, and use the base as a template to drill mounting holes.
  3. Install thermostats using instructions provided with thermostats.

What does purge mean on Honeywell HZ322?

“Purging” is the process of clearing an air conditioner’s (AC’s) unit’s internal lines and hoses. This is frequently done before recharging freon but. many newer model AC units, such as Honeywell units, purge the system on startup.

What is Honeywell TrueZONE?

The TrueZONE® HZ432 is a 4 zone panel that can be used to control conventional, heat pump, or dual fuel applications up to 3H/2C. It features robust push terminals, common-sense LEDs, variable-speed fan control, and has a small footprint for mounting flexibility.

What does a Honeywell HZ322 do?

The TrueZONE® HZ322 Panel is for conventional and heat pump applications up to 3 zones (2H, 2C) at 24 Volts. It features robust push terminals, common-sense LEDs, variable-speed fan control, and leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

What is a TrueZONE panel?

Honeywell TrueZONE zoning panels offer an easy to use platform for zoning control. The HZ311 offers interfacing with up to three zones, and when combined with zone control dampers, offers individual temperature control to every single one.

What is purge override Honeywell?

What is purge override Honeywell? When the zone panel cover is off, the EMERGENCY HEAT/PURGE OVERRIDE button is visible. When the panel is in Purge (at startup or after a call for heat/cool), pressing this but- ton stops the Purge, which saves time during installation or troubleshooting.

When should you switch to emergency heat?

So when should you turn on your EM heat? The only time that you should activate emergency heating is if your heat pump is broken. Also, you should only use it temporarily until you can get your heating system fixed.

How does a Honeywell wireless thermostat work?

Honeywell wireless thermostats can improve the control over the temperature in a room by sensing the surrounding air temperature and adjusting the heating accordingly, creating an automatic system which naturally conserves energy.

What does a dats sensor do?

The C7835A1009 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor (DATS) is a duct-mounted temperature probe that provides capacity control of heating and cooling equipment. It is used only with Resideo networked zoning.

What does purge mean on heating system?

Purging is like opening the window on your furnace to let air in. It is required by the NFPA86 and should be done before each furnace heating system start-up. The purge of airflow removes gaseous combustibles in a furnace and replaces it with air.

What does purge light mean on Honeywell?

What does it mean when the purge light comes on? This usually means the discharge air sensor is not attached or has failed on a honeywell zone system. The purge light will flash but the system should still operate. It just wont have any low temperature or high temperature limit capability.