How do you round to the nearest 10 in JavaScript?

How do you round to the nearest 10 in JavaScript?

“javascript math round to nearest 10” Code Answer’s

  1. Math. round(X); // round X to an integer.
  2. Math. round(10*X)/10; // round X to tenths.
  3. Math. round(100*X)/100; // round X to hundredths.
  4. Math. round(1000*X)/1000; // round X to thousandths.

How do you round to the nearest tenth?

round($number, -1); This will round $number to the nearest 10. You can also pass a third variable if necessary to change the rounding mode.

How do you round up in JavaScript?

We can round to the nearest integer, round down or round up….Rounding numbers in Javascript #

  1. round() – rounds to the nearest integer (if the fraction is 0.5 or greater – rounds up)
  2. floor() – rounds down.
  3. ceil() – rounds up.

How do you round up 5 to the nearest 10?

To round a number to the nearest 10, look at the units digit. If the units digit is 5 or more, round up. If the units digit is 4 or less, round down. The last digit in 356 is 6.

How do you round a number in darts?

Dart Programming – round Method

  1. Syntax. Number.round()
  2. Return Value. Returns the value of a number rounded to the nearest integer.
  3. Example. Live Demo. void main() { double n1 = 12.023; double n2 = 12.89; var value = n1. round(); print( value ); value = n2. round(); print( value ); } It will produce the following output −.

What is 16 rounded to the nearest tenth?

Round 16 to the nearest ten round to 20. When you round up the digit in the tens place increases by one.

What is 10 rounded to the nearest tenth?

Nearest tenth is the first digit after the decimal point….Rounding to Nearest Tenth Examples.

Number Rounded to Nearest 10th
10 10
10.02 10
10.04 10
10.06 10.1

What is Floor 3.6 )?

floor(3.6)? The Math. floor() function in JavaScript is used to round off the number passed as parameter to its nearest integer in Downward direction of rounding i.g towards the lesser value.

What is the nearest 10 of 3?

Since this number is less than 5, we round down the number, i.e. we round it off to the nearest 10 that comes before this number. So, 3 becomes 0 which by adding to 2 at the ten’s place, becomes 20. Hence, the number 23 after being rounded off to the nearest 10 is 20.

What is 7 round to the nearest ten?

Hence, Round off 7 to nearest 10 is 10.

How do you round down a number in JavaScript?

The Math. floor() method rounds a number DOWNWARDS to the nearest integer, and returns the result.