How do you set up a continental breakfast buffet?

How do you set up a continental breakfast buffet?

Tips for Creating a Great Continental Breakfast Buffet Set Up

  1. Cereal. Nutritious and great-tasting cereal is an essential part of any continental breakfast buffet.
  2. Fruit. Fresh fruit is another staple of continental breakfast.
  3. Beverages. Coffee, tea and fruit juices are must-haves at your continental breakfast.

What is the difference between Continental and buffet breakfast?

Whilst we were there we had the full buffet , ie cooked food , cereals ,fruit etc and coffee . From my experience elsewhere over the world , continental breakfast does Not include any cooked food , merely cereals , fruit , coffee tea and juices . Obviously also croissants and other pastry .

What is continental breakfast setup?

A continental breakfast is a light morning meal typically consisting of pastries and baked goods, fruits, toast, and coffee.

What is the difference between continental and full breakfast?

The main difference between a continental breakfast and a full (English) breakfast is cold vs. hot. A continental breakfast can be served cold, eggs having been boiled beforehand. The only hot ingredients might be the beverages — coffee, tea, hot chocolate.

What are healthy breakfast options?

Healthy breakfast options include:

  • Cooked oatmeal topped with almonds or dried cranberries.
  • A whole-wheat pita stuffed with hard-boiled egg and a vegetable such as spinach.
  • A whole-wheat tortilla filled with vegetables, salsa and low-fat shredded cheese.
  • A smoothie of fruits, plain yogurt and a spoonful of wheat germ.

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