How do you show respect in the playground?


How do you show respect in the playground?


  1. When going to or playing on the playground, always walk on the sidewalks.
  2. Show respect for others and follow instructions given by supervisors.
  3. Stay out of classrooms and bathrooms unless you have permission or a pass.
  4. Use only assigned restrooms in the back building.
  5. Refrain from eating or chewing gum.

How do you show love toward others friends family?

There are thousands of ways to show love towards others, here are some simple ways:

  1. Respecting elders by saying “po” and “opo”.
  2. Listening when someone is talking.
  3. Doing simple things that would make others happy.
  4. Show appreciation for the efforts of other people.
  5. Respecting others’ opinions.
  6. Helping others when in need.

How do you show integrity in your community?

Here are a few behaviors that show integrity:

  1. Being dependable and following through on commitments.
  2. Being open and honest when communicating with others.
  3. Holding yourself accountable and owning up to your shortcomings.

How can you show integrity in school?

5 Ways to Increase Student Integrity

  1. Infuse integrity into the classroom culture. Teachers make integrity the norm in their classrooms in several important ways.
  2. Develop a moral vocabulary.
  3. Respond appropriately when cheating occurs.
  4. Use quotes to ignite meaningful conversations.
  5. Help students believe in themselves.

How do you express your attraction to your family?

How to show your family you love them

  1. Don’t be so shy. Maybe you don’t express how you feel to your family because you’re too shy or embarrassed.
  2. Leave little messages.
  3. Give complements.
  4. Physical contact.
  5. Have fun together.
  6. Help them.
  7. Say you’re sorry.

How do they take care of each other in the family?

1. Appreciation and affection- Appreciation and affection are about caring for each other as family members. Sharing positive emotional feelings with each other and being nice to each other are just a couple of ways families show appreciation and affection. 2.