How do you write a specification for a Web application?

A good statement of work should do the following:

How do you write a specification for a Web application?

A good statement of work should do the following:

  1. Make clear the objectives of the web project.
  2. Provide an accurate cost estimate.
  3. Highlight the projected timescale of the project and completion date.
  4. Outline any foreseeable issues (risk assessment)
  5. Identify the key audience and understand why they are visiting your site.

What is a Web specification?

Web Specification In essence, it describes a document that outlines the techniques and goals of a web project. It must highlight various constraints, including technological challenges, budget, or timeframe. Additionally, a specification can also outline other project details like the team.

How do you write an application specification?

How to approach specification writing

  1. Describe your idea. Say a few words about its main features and specify who the app is for.
  2. Determine basic navigation patterns.
  3. Collect market information.
  4. Choose what features an application should have.
  5. Prepare a functional specification.
  6. Provide wireframes to complement the text.

What are the specifications for the web development?

Parts of a requirements document

  • Purpose.
  • User personas.
  • User stories (features)
  • Website structure.
  • Page descriptions.
  • Wireframes.
  • Non-functional requirements.

How do you write a good technical specification?

Contents of a technical spec

  1. Front matter. Title. Author(s)
  2. Introduction. a. Overview, Problem Description, Summary, or Abstract.
  3. Solutions. a. Current or Existing Solution / Design.
  4. Further Considerations. a. Impact on other teams.
  5. Success Evaluation. a. Impact.
  6. Work. a. Work estimates and timelines.
  7. Deliberation. a.
  8. End Matter. a.

How do I document a Web application project?

Best Practices for Documenting Your Project

  1. Include A README file that contains.
  2. Allow issue tracker for others.
  3. Write an API documentation.
  4. Document your code.
  5. Apply coding conventions, such as file organization, comments, naming conventions, programming practices, etc.
  6. Include information for contributors.

What are the dimensions of a website?

Most websites range from 720 to 1,000 pixels wide. If a website visitor has his monitor set up to 800 pixels or more and the page is wider than 720 pixels, he will have to scroll the screen to the right in order to show all of the information.

What is an application specification?

App specification is a detailed and consistent document about the app requirements that will align your development team and the owner’s vision – it helps to clearly understand what needs to be done.

What is software requirement specification?

A software requirements specification (SRS) is a document that describes what the software will do and how it will be expected to perform. It also describes the functionality the product needs to fulfill all stakeholders (business, users) needs.

Is PHP required for Web development?

The short answer is no it is not necessary to learn php.