How does Hodgman describe advertising copy?

How does Hodgman describe advertising copy?

How does Hodgman describe the advertising copy that appears on the packages of dog food? She points out the over-the-top and misleading messages with which the food is advertised. The enthusiastic descriptions, like “your dog will think it’s hot off the frying pan” make the food seem appealing.

What dominant impression is Hodgman trying to create in her essay how successful is she?

The dominant impression that Hodgman is trying to create in her essay that describemany kinds of taste of dog foods. She is successful to let reader know how exactly whatpeople feed their dog every day. She helps purchasers understand and choose good brand. Style and Structure1.

Which brand of dog food does Hodgman like best?

Hodgeman liked the brand named O.N.E the most and she disliked the brand Gines-burgers. According to the details provided in the essay, O.N.E has the best and accurateingredients as they claim in their packaging and it also tastes better. But the Gaines-burgers does not contain the elements they claim to have.

Why did Hodgman decide to try eating dog food do you find her reasons convincing?

The reasons Hodgman offered for trying dog food seemed mostly based on curiosity. It seems that she is essentially conducting an experiment on the food to find out how different types of food compare to one another as well as how they compare to how they are portrayed through packaging and advertising.

How do you think Hodgman expects readers to react to her essay How can you tell?

It seems that Hodgman is expecting the reader to find her choice a bit of a disgusting one; she uses humor to make the sickening conceit of her narrative more palatable to the reader. She describes her taste tests of the foods with a sense of self-awareness and dry humor.

What figures of speech does Hodgman use to help readers understand her description?

Hodgman makes many comparisons when describing the texture of the foods; describing the Gaines-burgers as play-doh is a particularly effective image. This simile helps to emphasize how different than human-grade food this “burger” was both in appearance and texture.