How long is Renault Clio in inches?

Renault Clio Dimensions 2020

How long is Renault Clio in inches?

Renault Clio Dimensions 2020

Renault Clio Height 1448mm
Renault Clio Width 1732mm
Renault Clio Length 4063mm
Renault Clio Ground clearance unladen 159mm
Renault Clio Wheelbase 2589mm

How big is the boot of a Renault Clio?

The boot of the Renault Clio is one of the biggest in its class – a capacity of 300 litres allows it to carry more luggage than either the Ford Fiesta or Peugeot 208.

How big is Clio?

The Renault Clio measures in at 4,050mm in length, 1,798mm wide and 1,440mm tall. Helpfully, Renault also supplies a measurement for the height of the open boot hatch – 1,979mm. The Clio is marginally shorter than a Ford Fiesta or SEAT Ibiza but is a little wider than each.

What brand is a Cleo car?

Renault Clio
The Renault Clio is a supermini car (B-segment), produced by French automobile manufacturer Renault. It was launched in 1990, and entered its fifth generation in 2019.

Is Renault Kadjar bigger than Renault Captur?

The Kadjar sits midway up Renault’s size pyramid: it’s bigger than the Captur and smaller than the Koleos.

What’s the difference between a Renault Clio and Renault Captur?

Overall, the Captur is the better choice if you need extra practicality, but the Clio is roomy enough for urban living and offers all the connectivity you’ll need.

How big is a Kia Rio boot?

325 litres
Boot space is one of the Rio’s strongest suits, with its 325 litres of space surpassing that of the VW Polo, Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa.

How big is a Seat Ibiza boot?

355 litres
At 355 litres, the Ibiza’s boot is huge for this class of car, offering more storage space than a Vauxhall Corsa (309 litres), Peugeot 208 (311 litres) or Skoda Fabia (330 litres).

Do they still make Renault Clios?

It’s the fifth-generation Renault Clio, launched in 2019 almost 30 years after the original hit our roads way back in 1990.

Which is bigger koleos or Kadjar?

See, the Kadjar is a big small SUV… or a small medium SUV… and it slots into Renault’s line-up between the very small Captur, and the larger Koleos….Renault Kadjar.

Safety rating
Fuel Efficiency 6.3L/100km
Seating 5 seats