How many episodes is magi kingdom of magic?

How many volumes of Magical Warfare are there?

How many episodes is magi kingdom of magic?

They released the series in two DVD sets on March 1 and May 26, 2015. A complete Blu-ray box set was released on June 27, 2017….

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
No. of episodes 25
Original network MBS
Original release October 6, 2013 – March 30, 2014

Who is the MC in Magi?

Alibaba is the main protagonist of Magi. He is also a minor character in Adventure of Sinbad, making brief appearances in some panels.

How many volumes of Magical Warfare are there?

Magical Warfare ( Japanese: 魔法戦争, Hepburn: Mahō Sensō) is a Japanese light novel series written by Hisashi Suzuki and illustrated by Lunalia. Twelve volumes have been published by Media Factory since November 25, 2011 under their MF Bunko J label.

Who leads the cast of the Magical Warfare anime?

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Is Mahou Sensou (magic warfare) good?

Mahou Sensou (Magic Warfare) Is one of those animes that has a lot of potential but also poorly executed. The plot and idea isn’t bad but when you put a bunch of generic characters with less then nothing in character development. its a recipe for disaster If it had 24 episode it might have been better, but who knows.

What is the history of the Magic Wars?

A long time ago there was a big MAGIC WAR. To spare the non-magicians from getting caught in the MAGIC CROSSFIRE, a group of MAGICIANS using MAGIC split the world in two. 2. There are two worlds, the “living world” and the “ruined world”, and the ruined world is where the MAGIC WARS continue to this day.