How many measure words are there in Chinese?

How many measure words are there in Chinese?

As we’ve mentioned, there are about 150 commonly used measure words in Chinese, but if you can master the 15 most important ones we’ve covered in this article, you’ll be well on your way to being a measure word expert!

What is the measure word for people in Chinese?

In Mandarin Chinese,there are 4 measure words describing for people: 个(gè), 名(míng), 位(wèi), 口(kǒu); 7 measure words describing for body parts: 个(gè), 张(zhāng), 根(gēn), 只(zhī), 条(tiáo), 双(shuāng), 颗(kē);

Why should you learn Chinese measure words?

As a student of Chinese, measure words (量词or liàngcí in pinyin) are one of the first aspects of Chinese grammar you’ll encounter. The fact that almost all Chinese nouns must be preceded by a measure word makes these pesky classifiers hard to avoid.

What is the measure word for flowers in Chinese?

一株花 (yī zhū huā) “a flower” 朵

What does Liang CI mean in Chinese?

liàng cí classifier (in Chinese grammar) measure word.

Is Liang a measure word?

Essentially, both 二(èr) and (liǎng) mean “2”, it’s just that they are used for different circumstances in Chinese. To put it short: 二(èr) is the “2” for numbers and 两(liǎng) is the “2” for measure words. I know it sounds very abstract right now. But hang on! Once we get to the details, it will make sense.

What is Zhi a measure word for?

只 – Zhī Just like个(gè) is a universal measure word for people, 只(zhī) is a universal measure word for animals. It can also refers to items the normally come in a pair (hands, or eyes for example.)

Does China use imperial or metric?

Officially, China is on the metric system, though the traditional Chinese measurements are still commonly used in everyday life. Below are the most common measurements in both systems. Sometimes the character for the measurement is found in both the Chinese and metric systems.

What is the measure word for apple in Chinese?

The measure word 個 / 个 (gè) is a measure word for people, but it is frequently used for many types of things. The “generic” measure word can be used when referring to items like apples, bread, and light bulbs even when there are other, more appropriate measure words for these objects.

What is Hanzi in Chinese?

Chinese characters, also called hanzi (traditional Chinese: 漢字; simplified Chinese: 汉字; pinyin: hànzì; lit. ‘Han characters’), are logograms developed for the writing of Chinese.