How many ODEON cinemas are there?

ABOUT US. Welcoming over 100 million visitors each year, we are Europe’s largest cinema operator. We have 290+ cinemas throughout Europe.

How many ODEON cinemas are there?

ABOUT US. Welcoming over 100 million visitors each year, we are Europe’s largest cinema operator. We have 290+ cinemas throughout Europe.

Why is ODEON called ODEON?

Odeon publicists liked to claim that the name of the cinemas was derived from his motto, “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”, but it had been used for cinemas in France and Italy in the 1920s, and the word is actually Ancient Greek ᾨδεῖον, Ōideion, meaning “a place for singing”.

What does ODEON stand for?

Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation
Origin of “Odeon” The name Odeon had been appropriated by cinemas in France and Italy in the 1920s, but Deutsch made it his own in the UK. His publicity team claimed Odeon stood for “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”.

What does Isense mean?

ISENSE cinema is ODEON Cinemas Group comprehensive Premium Class creation (comparable to IMAX, Dolby Cinema, VueXtreme, Screen X and others), which includes 4k laser projectors, Dolby ATMOS sound system, Large format screens and an exceptional and unique design of the cinema.

How many ODEON cinemas are there in the UK?

Now with more than 120 cinemas and over 950 screens in the UK & Ireland, ODEON is the leading exhibitor, committed to investing in cutting edge technology and comfort to create the ultimate experience for our guests – from luxury reclining seats and immersive screens with premium sight and sound, to our delicious food …

What makes ODEON different to other cinemas?

We pride ourselves in delivering the very best cinema experience, cutting-edge technology and the widest choice of experiences. While we’re known for showing blockbuster films, we also host screenings of the world’s best live events.

Who owns Odeon cinema?

AMC Theatres
Odeon Cinemas/Parent organizations

Who is the CEO of Odeon?

Mark Jonathan Way (Nov 30, 2016–)Odeon Cinemas / CEO

Who is the CEO of ODEON?

What is Odeon iSense?

iSense screens go from floor to ceiling and wall to wall to create the most visual impact. You also get a perfect view of the screen no matter where you sit in the cinema.

What is a cinema host ODEON?

As an ODEON Cinema Host, you will be the first point of contact for all of our guests. You will need to be a friendly, energetic people person, someone who can work in a team and meet and greet everyone who visits, making them feel like stars.

Where is Odeon Wimbledon?

ODEON Wimbledon is perfectly located in the heart of Wimbledon Broadway. With 750 spaces available opposite the cinema in the car park for Centre Court shopping there’s no need to worry about parking! And if you get your ticket validated at the cinema you pay a discounted rate. ODEON Wimbledon offers 12 screens

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What accessibility services does Odeon offer?

That’s why we offer you a range of accessibility services at ODEON. Each screen has wheelchair spaces and the latest technology to provide audio description and hard-of-hearing facilities at your seat. All our cinemas accept the CEA card, which entitles you to free companion tickets.