How many seasons are there in BCL?


How many seasons are there in BCL?


Box Cricket League
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 89
Producer Ekta Kapoor

What are the rules of box cricket?


  • There are four groups in the tournament and each group has up to 3 teams.
  • Teams in each group will compete against two other teams from their group.
  • Each winning team will get 3 points per match, 2 points for a tie.
  • If one team forfeits a match, the other team will get 3 points.

What is the length of box cricket pitch?

The indoor cricket court is a minimum of 28m to a maximum of 30m long and a minimum of 10.5m to a maximum of 12m wide. The height of the facility is 4m to 4.5m. All lines are 55mm wide. The pitch is the area between both sets of stumps, the bowling return creases and the offside lines at the striker’s end.

What is the meaning of cricket box?

Box Cricket Is The Miniature Version Of Cricket. Several versions of the game have been in existence since the late 1960s, and like conventional cricket, the indoor version involves two batsmen, a bowler and a team of fielders. The bowler bowls the ball to the batsmen who must score runs.

What is BCL 2014?

BCL 2014 a first of its kind, is a sport reality show on Indian Television in which 150 celebrities fight to win the biggest cricket tournament. Comprising of eight teams, BCL is fusion of celebrities, entertainment and cricket.

What is Box Cricket League (BCL)?

Move over musical, acting, dare-devil realty shows for Box Cricket League (BCL), the first-ever sports reality show is here! Cricket in any form brings in the glittering festivities at any time of the year. But the cricket becomes all the merrier when combined with entertainment; yes that has been the funda of modern day cricket.

When is the 2014 international cricket season?

The 2014 international cricket season is from May 2014 to September 2014. The Ireland cricket team was scheduled to play three One Day Internationals in Lahore, Pakistan, but they were cancelled after the 2014 Jinnah International Airport attack.

What does BCL stand for?

Logo of Box Cricket League 2018. Box Cricket League (BCL) is an Indian sports reality television show where celebrities are seen competing with each other in an indoor cricket game format.