How many seismic zones are in India?

Which are the 4 seismic zones of India?

How many seismic zones are in India?

four zones
The whole country has been divided into four zones viz. zone V, IV, III and II according to the seismic zoning map of India prepared by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) based on the historical seismicity and strong ground motions. Out of these zones, Zone V exhibits the highest seismic risk and zone II has the least.

Which are the 4 seismic zones of India?

The four zones of earthquake in India, as discussed below:

  • Seismic Zone II: Zone II is classified as the low-damage risk zone.
  • Seismic Zone III: Seismic Zone 3/III is classified as the moderate-damage risk zone.
  • Seismic Zone IV: Zone IV is considered the high-damage risk zone.

Which is seismic zone in India?

Of all these four zones, Zone-V is the most seismic active region whereas Zone-II is the least. Zone-V covers entire northeastern India, some parts of Jammu and Kashmir, some parts of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, some parts of North Bihar and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

What are the types of seismic zones in zoning map of India?

Zone – II: This is said to be the least active seismic zone. Zone – III: It is included in the moderate seismic zone. Zone – IV: This is considered to be the high seismic zone. Zone – V: It is the highest seismic zone.

Is Delhi in seismic zone?

The IS code assigns a zone factor of 0.24 for Zone 4. Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, parts of the Indo-Gangetic plains (North Punjab, Chandigarh, Western Uttar Pradesh, Terai, North Bengal, the Sundarbans) and the capital of the country Delhi fall in Zone 4.

Is Mumbai in seismic zone?

SEISMIC HAZARD OF MUMBAI Mumbai is located in Seismic Zone III as per IS:1893-2002 (BIS, 2002) signifying that the city may be subjected to intensity VII damage as per MSK64 Intensity Scale.

Is Chennai a seismic zone?

(i) Earth quake-prone Areas: Chennai Metropolitan Area falls under Seismic Zone – III. The whole of Chennai Metropolitan Area falls in this zone.

What are seismic zones Class 8?

Seismic zones: Seismic zones or fault zones are the boundaries of lithospheric plates at which the earthquakes generally occur. Seismograph: An instrument used in the measurement of seismic waves is called seismograph.

What is Zone IV seismic zone Z?

Detailed Solution

Seismic Zone II IV
Seismic Intensity Low Severe
Zone Factor (Z) 0.10 0.24

Is Delhi a seismic zone?

The seismic zoning map of India (IS1893-2002) marks a fairly large region including Delhi to be in zone IV. Earthquakes are low probability events but with very high levels of risk to society.

What is called seismic zone?

A seismic zone is used to describe an area where earthquakes tend to focus; for example, the New Madrid Seismic Zone in the Central United States. A seismic hazard zone describes an area with a particular level of hazard due to earthquakes.