How many triple double Kobe had?

How many triple double Kobe had?

21 triple-doubles
Kobe Bryant had 21 triple-doubles in his career.

Did Kobe Bryant get a degree?

Lower Merion High School1996
School Of The Woods MontessoriBala Cynwyd Middle School
Kobe Bryant/Education

What records does Kobe hold?

Bryant currently ranks fourth both on the league’s all-time post-season scoring and all-time regular-season scoring lists. He has been selected to 15 All-NBA Team (eleven times to the All-NBA First Team) and 12 All-Defensive Team (nine times to the All-Defensive First Team).

How many triple-doubles Does Derrick Rose have?

1 triple-double
Derrick Rose has gotten 1 triple-double in his career.

How many triple-doubles has LeBron had?

LeBron James has 103 triple-doubles in his career.

What college did Kobe go to?

Lower Merion High SchoolKobe Bryant / School

How many triple-doubles does Kobe Bryant have?

Five stats to know about Kobe Bryant’s triple-double in the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night. 1. Bryant’s 21 triple-doubles are third-most among active players, trailing LeBron James (37) and Rajon Rondo (22).

Is Kobe Bryant the oldest NBA player to have a triple-double?

One thing the 36-year-old Bryant is not: the oldest player to have a triple-double. The Elias Sports Bureau notes that honor is held by Karl Malone, who was 40 when he had one as Bryant’s teammate against the Spurs in 2003. But Elias also notes that Bryant is only the third NBA player to have multiple triple-doubles in a season at age 36 or older.

How many triple-doubles have the Lakers had in NBA history?

Since the 1996-97 NBA season only 5 Lakers have recorded triple-doubles: Kobe did it 21 times, Lamar Odom four, Pau Gasol three, Karl Malone and Gary Payton once each. Kobe Bryant had his 21 triple doubles in 16 Lakers wins and 5 losses.