How much are school fees at International School of Lusaka?

How much are school fees at International School of Lusaka?

Finances: In the 2021-2022 school year, about 99% of the school’s income derives from tuition and fees. Annual tuition rates are as follows: Early Learning Center $6,000; Kindergarten-Grade 5: $17,100; Grade 6-10: $19,625; and Grade 11-12: $22,300.

Which district is Kitwe?

Kitwe District is a district of Zambia, located in Copperbelt Province. The capital is Kitwe. As of the 2000 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 376,124 people….

Kitwe District
• Total 376,124
Time zone UTC+2 (CAT)

What is Kitwe Zambia famous for?

Kitwe is the base for a number of mining operations including the Mopani Copper Mines. Kitwe has rich copper, cobalt and emerald deposits among other minerals. It is home to Mopani Copper Mine’s Nkana Cobalt Plant, one of Africa’s largest mines. The mine is located 1 km south west of Kitwe.

What is the population of Kitwe?

The current metro area population of Kitwe in 2022 is 735,000, a 3.52% increase from 2021. The metro area population of Kitwe in 2021 was 710,000, a 3.5% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Kitwe in 2020 was 686,000, a 3.47% increase from 2019.

How much is Banani International school fees?


Fees 2022 Per Term ZMW Annual
Grade 1 – 4 Boarding ZMW 19,500.00 ZMW 58,500.00
Grade 5 – 7 Boarding ZMW 21,750.00 ZMW 65,250.00
Grade 8 – 9 Boarding ZMW 25,500.00 ZMW 76,500.00
Grade 10 – 11 Boarding ZMW 30,500.00 ZMW 91,500.00

How much is American international school fees?

Finances: Finances: In the 2021-2022 school year, about 95% of the school’s income derives from tuition fees. Annual tuition is as follows: PS and PK: $17,638; K-grade 5: $21,022; grades 6-8: $27,232; and grades 9-12: $31,228.

What is the meaning of Kitwe?

noun. a city in N Zambia: commercial centre of the Copper Belt.

How many wards are in Kitwe?

The Kitwe City Council consists of democratically elected councilors representing their electorate in the twenty–eight (28) wards, five (5) constituencies and management, which implements Council policies.

Which city is bigger between Kitwe and Ndola?

Kitwe is the second-most populous city with 517,543 people. Kitwe is also the country’s third-largest city in terms of infrastructure development and is one of the most developed commercial and industrial areas in Zambia. Ndola is Zambia’s third-most populous city, with 475,194 people.

Is Kitwe a town?

With the upsurge of copper prices in the 1950’s Kitwe developed from a small township to the second largest city in Zambia, obtaining city status in 1966. It then developed as an industrial and commercial area and later an important agricultural area.

How much are school fees at Mpelembe?

Tuition Fees

Boarding (Grade 8 to 12) Total K13,190 Per Term K17,790 Per Term
Day (Grade 8 to 12) Total K8,060 Per Term K12,660 Per Term
Boarding (Form 6) Total K14,830 Per Term K19,430 Per Term
Day (Form 6) Total K9,120 Per Term K13,720 Per Term

How much are the fees at Chengelo?

Fee Schedule and Payment Information

Termly (ZMW) Annual (ZMW)
Pre-School 5 days 7,991 23,973
Primary (G1-7) Daily 30,500 91,500
Primary (G1-7) Weekly 41,404 124,212
Primary (G1-7) Termly 48,648 145,943