How much does a CNC plasma cutter cost?

Compatible Plasma Cutters for DIY CNC Tables:

How much does a CNC plasma cutter cost?

$15,000 to $300,000
Purchase Cost Depending on type, size, and features, a CNC plasma cutting machine could range anywhere from $15,000 to $300,000. That’s a big range, but the vast majority of CNC plasma machines sold today are well below the $100,000 mark.

What plasma cutter can be used on a CNC?

Compatible Plasma Cutters for DIY CNC Tables:

Product Maximum Cutting Amps Duty Cycle (at 1-PH 220V)
MicroCut 600 HTP 40A 20% (40A)
MicroCut 875SC HTP 55A 40% (55A) 100% (40A)
Powermax30 Air Hypertherm 30A 35% (30A)

How much is a torchmate plasma cutter?

Torchmate X pricing starts at $27,500 for a 5×10 system including your choice of complete turn-key water or downdraft table. The Torchmate X line is available in sizes up to a 10 x 40 foot cutting surface area.

Can you make money with a plasma cutter?

“Everyone loves something ‘cut in metal’. It is substantial and permanent,” he says. Sign making is a pretty basic business, and you can provide products to your customers at fairly reasonable prices while still making a profit.

Is plasma cutting cheaper than laser cutting?

A metal plasma cutting service is generally more affordable than laser, especially when comparing high-end plasma machines with high-end laser ones. This is mostly due to the cost of operating each machine on a daily basis and the speed at which each machine can work.

Who makes the titanium plasma cutter?

Harbor Freight Tools’
That’s precisely what Harbor Freight Tools’ latest offering to the world of metal fabrication offers: top-of-the-line performance at a fraction of the cost. Harbor Freight’s Titanium Plasma 45 weighs just over 20 pounds, yet packs a big punch.

What is blowback start plasma?

Blow-back type start involves a rearward movement of the electrode within the torch head when forced by the air pressure. When air pressure is applied the movement of the electrode off its seated position against the inner surface of the circuit grounded nozzle creates a spark, energizing the plasma stream.

How much does a Lincoln plasma cutter cost?

The Plasma Cutter Brands You Trust The units come with different features depending on the make and model and have a range of different prices, with our lowest, entry level model coming in at just over $960.

How much does a torchmate 5100 cost?

2019 Lincoln Electric Torchmate 5100

Year 2019
Model Torchmate 5100
Description 5′ x 10′ Plasma Cutter
Reference # 8069540
Price Activate Pricing

What can you make with a CNC plasma table?

10 CNC Plasma Cutter Project Ideas

  • Turn an old saw into artwork… Signs.
  • Business sign…
  • House number with brushed and rusted finishes…
  • A sign for your teenage daughter’s bedroom… Outdoor Furniture.
  • Nicely made fire pit… Plasma cut patio wall sconce… Indoor Decor.
  • Fireplace screen…
  • Gates.
  • Nicely made gate…

What can you do with a CNC plasma table?

They are successfully used in the metal cutting processes in the manufacturing, agricultural, engineering and construction industries. A CNC plasma table can change the way you cut metal, serving as the perfect addition for a small shop, a metal artist or a hobbyist and it can help save time, material and money.