How much does a Ford Fiesta key fob cost?

Ford Fiesta Key Price

How much does a Ford Fiesta key fob cost?

Ford Fiesta Key Price

Key Style Price Range
Basic Key $130 – $160
Transponder Key $165 – $195
Remote Head Key $225 – $325
Proximity $285 – $405

Are all Ford Fiesta keys the same?

A: Ford Fiesta has different types of keys. Some require programming, and some don’t. All transponder chip keys and/or smart key fobs need to be programmed. This process requires a special programming machine that only an automotive locksmith or the dealer has.

How much is it to make a Ford key?

How much does it cost to make a copy and a new key at the Ford dealer? Getting a new car key at the ford dealer can cost you about $160, while a copy can cost about $50.

Can a remote key fob be repaired?

While you may be able to fix a broken fob, sometimes it is simply easier to replace it. Depending on the make and model of your car, a new fob can cost as low as around $50, though they may be more expensive in some cases and can end up costing you a fair amount.

How to change the ignition key on a Ford Fiesta?

Locate the switch at the back of your Fiesta key fob and slide it to the right to release your ignition key. Pull out the key. Insert the end of the metal key into the notch on the left side of your key fob to pull the pieces of your key fob apart. Now, place your ignition key between your key fob.

How do you unlock the trunk on a Ford Fiesta?

Ford Fiesta key fobs have three buttons: Lock, Unlock, and Trunk Release. Pressing the Lock button will lock all the doors in your Ford Fiesta. Use the Unlock button to unlock your vehicle. The Trunk Release button lets you open your trunk automatically.

What type of battery does a Ford Fiesta Key use?

Ford Fiesta keys use CR2032 batteries. Online stores like Wal-Mart and Amazon offer these batteries. Click here to buy Ford Fiesta key batteries at the best price on Amazon. Can You Replace Your Ford Fiesta Key Battery Yourself? With a few instructions, you will be able to change your Ford Fiesta key yourself.

What is the Ford Fiesta MyKey feature?

The Ford Fiesta MyKey is a safety feature that lets users control driver behavior. Most people use this feature to protect their teenagers from bad driving habits like over-speeding or to ensure the safety of beginner drivers. Some of the options MyKey offers are: