How much does an audiometer cost?

What are the types of audiometer?

How much does an audiometer cost?

between USD$800 and $5000
Many modern devices can either be used alone or connected to a computer and integrated with hearing conservation databases. Audiometers generally cost between USD$800 and $5000.

What are the types of audiometer?

Various audiometric techniques and procedures are used to identify the hearing ability of a person.

  • Pure-tone audiometry.
  • Speech audiometry.
  • Suprathreshold audiometry.
  • Self-recording audiometry.
  • Impedance audiometry.
  • Computer-administered (microprocessor) audiometry.
  • Subjective audiometry.
  • Objective audiometry.

What is an audiometer used for?

It involves using an audiometer, which is a machine that plays sounds via headphones. Your audiologist or an assistant will play a variety of sounds, such as tones and speech, at different intervals into one ear at a time, to determine your range of hearing. The audiologist will give you instructions for each sound.

What are the parts of audiometer?

The components that are common to all audiometers include oscillator, amplifier, attenuator, earphones, and mask. The pure tone audiogram is widely accepted as the gold standard assessment of peripheral auditory function. Depending upon its sophistication level, it is used mostly in clinics and hospitals.

What is screening audiometer?

A screening audiometer is used to indicate if a loss of hearing has occurred and may indicate standard threshold shifts over time. A diagnostic audiometer measures air and bone bone conduction threshold levels with some diagnostic audiometers additionally measuring speech threshold levels.

What is a clinical audiometer?

The audiometer is an electric instrument consisting of a pure tone generator, a bone conduction oscillator for measuring cochlear function, an attenuator for varying loudness, a microphone for speech testing, and earphones for air conduction testing.

Who invented audiogram?

The first audiometer in the U.S. was developed in 1919 by Cordia C. Bunch. However, the first audiometer was only used in a private practice by one doctor and not publicly available.

What is a 2 channel audiometer?

With a two-channel audiometer, you are able to use channel one to conduct speech audiometry, while you have tone stimulus routed through channel two. It is also possible to route stimuli from both channels into the same ear for seamless pediatric testing.

What is portable audiometer?

In the late 1950’s portable audiometers were developed as an effort to reach populations without access to hearing tests conducted in controlled environments by highly trained professionals. At their least impressive, is a stripped down tabletop audiometer with a handle attached.

What is clinical audiometer?

An audiometer is a machine used for evaluating hearing acuity. They usually consist of an embedded hardware unit connected to a pair of headphones and a test subject feedback button, sometimes controlled by a standard PC. Such systems can also be used with bone vibrators, to test conductive hearing mechanisms.

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What are stand-alone audiometers?

This generation of stand-alone audiometers is designed for in-office diagnostics or hearing aid fittings and audiologists on the go. The MA 42 comes with a variety of additional diagnostic features. The appealing ergonomic design makes these audiometers a visual highlight for your working space.