How much does it cost to repair a silver necklace?

How much does it cost to repair a silver necklace?

IF it is silver, then it should not cost more than $10 to $15 to fix, as long as you go to one of those jewelery repair stores (like in the diamond district or something). IF you go to a mall store, they might charge you more. You could probably get a brand new one for $15.

Can a sterling silver bracelet be repaired?

Most jewelry stores will not even touch silver jewelry. If a repair on sterling silver jewelry can be done, I can do it, however, difficulties with repairing sterling jewelry include a risk to the stones, heat transfer when soldering silver, and Rhodium plating.

How much does it cost to repair silver ring?

Ring Repairs

Service Category Repair Service Estimated Cost
Ring Repair Ring Sizing/Resizing Down $35.00+
Ring Repair Ring Shank Repair $40.00+
Ring Repair Ring Reshaping $28.00
Ring Repair Solder Two or More Rings Together $42.00

Is Native American jewelry worth anything?

AGE/ERA: Items that are pre-1960s fetch a premium over contemporary jewelry because they were made in smaller quantities. Mass production in factories and workshops began in the 1970s, when Indian jewelry became very popular. CONDITION: As with anything, items that are in good condition are worth more.

What do you do with a broken silver chain?

Your best bet is to contact local jewelers, and see if they will buy and recycle your jewelry for you. Many national brands also offer to purchase jewelry so they can recycle it; a quick search for “recycle gold jewelry” will return plenty of options!

Can sterling silver rings be fixed?

Metal Type: The type of metal greatly affects the repair cost. Sterling silver is very cheap and easy to mend, whereas gold and platinum are comparatively more expensive because they require the matching type of wire or solder that contains gold or platinum content.

What does old pawn mean in Native American jewelry?

“Old Pawn” is a term used for Native American jewelry, made by Native Americans, and worn by Native Americans, not for public production or the tourist trade.

Why is Native American jewelry so expensive?