How much is a 1967 Camaro worth?

For many, the Camaro is the one that got away….America’s other ponycar is high on the “gotta-have” list.

How much is a 1967 Camaro worth?

For many, the Camaro is the one that got away….America’s other ponycar is high on the “gotta-have” list.

Expect To Pay
Year Model Low-High
1967-1969 Super Sport $2500-$77,000
1967-1969 Z/28 $8500-$221,000
1967, 1969 Pace Car $26,000-$66,900

How rare is a 1967 Camaro?

The 1967 Z/28 can be considered rare, with only 602 produced. Any Camaro with the L89 engine is a rare car. This was the aluminum head 396 engine, which sold 272 units in ’68, and another 311 in ’69.

How many 67 Camaros are there?

All of a sudden it was a very crowded marketplace. Chevrolet produced 220,906 Camaros in 1967, 25,141 of which were convertibles.

Is a 67 Camaro a muscle car?

The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, also referred to as the 1967 Chevy Camaro or ’67 Camaro, is a muscle car designed by the American manufacturer Chevrolet in 1966. This car got its name from the year it was first introduced and was so popular it has been around ever since.

What is the difference between a 67 68 and 69 Camaro?

While all three model years have different taillights, the ’69 Camaro differs significantly. The ’67 and ’68 Camaro both have two lights per bezel, but the ’69 has three. The quick way to know you are looking at a ’69 is to count the taillight lens dividers.

What is the rarest 67 Camaro?

Team Camaro’s Rarest, the 1967 Camaro – VIN #100001 VIN #100001 is the first of 49 “pilot assembly” vehicles that were hand-built at the Norwood, Ohio plant in 1966, used for evaluation before regular production began. The 1967 Camaro was fitted with a three-speed manual transmission and a 3.7L inline-six engine.

How much did a 1967 Camaro cost new?

a 1967 z28 cost roughly 370$ back when they first came out. 7 people found this helpful. Depends on what it had, but the retail on a base coupe was a little over $2450. Around $3000 for retail on an SS.

How many 69 Camaros did they make?

Camaro production totaled 243,085 for 1969, and surprisingly, the rarest models are six-cylinder-powered convertibles, with 1,707 built; the most common bodies were V-8-powered sport coupes at 190,971 units. This year’s Z/28 production reached 20,302, and 34,932 buyers opted for Super Sports.

What engines came in a 67 Camaro?

1967 Camaro Engine choices were plentiful, including the standard 230-cid six-cylinder, optional 250-cid six-cylinder, and 327-cid small-block V-8 in either 210 or 275-horsepower versions. Chevrolet’s venerable 350-cid small-block would make its debut in the 1967 Camaro, and would not appear in other Chevys until 1968.

How can you tell if a 1967 Camaro is a true SS?

A ’67 Camaro has a code on the trim tag for an SS and a late ’69 Camaro had an “X” code on the trim tag to identify some SS’s. The X11 code is the only exception to identifying a true ’69 SS Camaro because the code also means a plain Camaro. Unfortunately there are no codes on a ’68 Camaro to help identify an SS.