How much of Colorado is wilderness?

Acreage By State

How much of Colorado is wilderness?

Acreage By State

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Arizona 4,512,055 4%
Arkansas 153,313 Less than 1%
California 15,346,666 14%
Colorado 3,735,114 3%

What is the biggest wilderness area in Colorado?

the Weminuche Wilderness
At three quarters the size of Rhode Island, the Weminuche Wilderness is the largest Wilderness area in Colorado at 499,771 acres.

Can non residents hunt wilderness in Colorado?

After all, federal wilderness is public land, accessible for everyone to enjoy. That Colorado wilderness area can be hunted by anyone who is willing to buy a license and hike or ride in on horses.

Can you hunt in wilderness areas in Colorado?

Hunting is allowed in over 40 National Park Service units, about a third of those are wilderness areas. Wilderness areas offer some of the wildest hunting experiences and often shelter the healthiest game species populations, as well as the largest trophy individuals.

What state has the most wilderness?

California is home to the most wilderness areas with 149. Four states have only one wilderness area.

What is the largest wilderness area in the United States?

Wrangell–Saint Elias Wilderness This is the most expansive wilderness region of the US and is found in southwestern Alaska. The wilderness covers an area of about 14,185.4 square miles and lies within the biggest national park in the US, Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park.

Can you hunt on national forest land in Colorado?

The National Forests and Grasslands offer unsurpassed fishing and hunting opportunities.

Can you hunt BLM in Wyoming?

BLM and USFS lands provide access for public recreation including hunting. State lands are also open for hunting except on cultivated crop land.

Which state has the least wilderness?

Before you browse the following list of Wilderness areas by state, here are a few fun facts about wilderness:

  • Alaska is home to the most acres of wilderness with 57,432,650 acres.
  • Ohio has the fewest acres of wilderness with 77 acres.
  • Six states, plus Washington DC, have 0 wilderness areas.

Where can I find information about Colorado’s state wildlife areas?

More about state wildlife areas can be found at Here is a full list of Colorado’s state wildlife areas:

Are there any state parks in Colorado that are open year round?

State Wildlife Areas in Colorado Most State Wildlife Areas (SWAs) are open year round for public use, provided you have a valid license for hunting or fishing. Many times they provide excellent places to camp and just soak in the natural setting, usually not as crowded as other state and city parks. Adobe Creek Reservoir SWA – Las Animas

How many national parks are there in Colorado?

With eight National Wildlife Refuges, hundreds of State Wildlife Areas, 12 National Parks and National Monuments, 42 Colorado State Parks and millions of acres of National Forest and other public lands, you’re never more than a short drive from the natural habitat of more than 900 species of Colorado wildlife.

What is SWA land in Colorado?

These parcels of SWA land are paid for by sportspeople and managed under state law by Colorado Parks and Wildlife employees for the benefit of wildlife. Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages about 350 SWA lands around the state.