How old is Nate Uncharted 4?

How old is Nate Uncharted 4?

Nate is 5’11” and 38 years old during A Thief’s End events. Although he was born Morgan, he took on the last name Drake when running away from an orphanage with his brother Sam. Drake finds himself uncovering fabled places such as El Dorado throughout his adventures.

How do you get past the nun in Uncharted 4?

The nun will light a crafty cigarette, and when she turns to blow smoke out of the window, make a dash across the gap. Sneak round the corner behind the sofa and wait for her to take another drag, then jump through the open window.

Why is Nadine so strong Uncharted?

A life full of war and confrontation has led to Nadine becoming a very strong and capable woman and military figure. Nadine is also a very tough fighter and is able to comfortably hold her own in a number of different confrontations, even while battling both Sam and Nathan Drake at the same time.

Can Nathan Drake fight?

Hand-to-Hand Combat: Nate has no known formal hand-to-hand or martial arts training. Instead, he seems to be more reliant on brawling than anything else.

How do you get to the window in Uncharted 4?

When Father Duffy and Sister Katherine part ways, follow the nun into the room on your left, staying in cover to avoid being seen. Hug the shelving and wrap around the corner to your right, then transition across the room into cover behind the sofa when the Sister turns to face out the window.

Which Uncharted game is hardest?

Uncharted 4 is the hardest by far. For 1-3 just worry about crushing and maybe the chapters you need to beat under a certain amount of time, which just needs a little practice since you will probably get it anyway after a few runs on easy with cheats.

How many levels are in uncharted 4?

22 chapters
Uncharted 4 has 22 chapters, while Lost Legacy has nine chapters – it was more of an expansion than a full game, which is why it is so much shorter.

How did Nate meet Chloe?

Jeff is executed by Lazarevic, and after failing to bargain with him, Nate and Elena make an escape. Nate and Elena are separated when he boards Lazarevic’s train in an effort to rescue Chloe. After fighting through several waves of Lazarevic’s mercenaries and Lieutenant Draza, Nate finally catches up with Chloe.