How to decide on the number of paragraphs in an essay

Many people think that the writing industry is one of the easiest out there. However, as soon as the young writers start writing some text, they realize that it is not that easy to write some of the texts. Moreover, sometimes you get assignments that are more difficult than the others. One of such things is essay writing. It seems to be easy when you write some of the easier topics. However, as you start writing the more difficult topic you realize that it is not that easy to cope with the task. Moreover, sometimes you get a big number of tasks at once. Sure, that is something that you can solve. However, in reality, the big stack of tasks is going to make you suffer much more than one difficult text. Therefore, people start looking for ways to make their lives easier. Some think “I can even use essay paper writing service, but there are some other ways to cope with the problem. For example, the experienced workers just make the texts as small as the task allows. However, sometimes there is no a limit, so you have to think of that on your own. This article will go over the number of paragraphs that you should write for each part of your essay.

  1. Introduction

One of the most important parts of the text is the beginning. Some people consider it to be the easiest one. However, as soon as they face the later parts, they realize that the beginning had something to do with each sentence afterward. Therefore, it is crucial to realize the importance of the introduction. When talking about the most difficult thing in those paragraphs you will see that the thesis statement is crucial for the success of the text. The thesis itself should not be that big. Usually, that is just a small paragraph of a few sentences. In most cases, 2-3 sentences are enough to fir everything that you need in the thesis. As for the other parts you will need to consider that yourself. If the text is difficult for the reader, like the scientific texts you will want to make the intro about three or four paragraphs. For the easier texts, you can expect the reader to know the most of the info by default, meaning that you can stay on about two paragraphs. Make sure to check on the audience of the text, as that will be a huge deal for you.

  1. Middle part

The most questionable part of the essay is the body. Some people consider it to be the most difficult to the fact that it needs you to write a big amount of text. However, the experienced writers know that sometimes the amount of words does not define the difficulty. The body is generally the easiest part of the text, as all you have to do is back up the thesis with some facts and numbers. Therefore, you will want the intro to be perfect if you do not want to struggle later on in the text. As to the number of paragraphs you will want to have about three paragraphs for a simple essay. For the scientific texts, you might have to make that number bigger. All the way up to the five paragraphs would look alright in your text.

  1. Conclusion

The last part of the text is considered to be easier than the thesis, but more difficult than the body of the text. There are many reasons for that. For example, the fact that the conclusion needs you to analyze a big amount of information. Therefore, you would have to know everything to perfection. Moreover, if you want to make it look better you will have to look for the number of words that you have there. Usually, a paragraph or two would be more than enough for this part.