Is 61998 a BT text number?

Is 61998 a BT text number?

BT. The fastest way to deal with a BT fault is to text HELP and your landline number to 61998. BT will then run tests on your line and call you back within 30 minutes.

How do I access my BT text messages?

Just dial Text store 0845 602 1111 to listen to the spoken text messages (calls cost 5p a minute, plus your BT access charge). Please remember that we can only save messages here for 24 hours.

How do I retrieve text messages from my BT landline?

Re: BT Text Message To retrieve a text message that has been saved you need to call 0845 602 1111 to listen to the spoken text messages. Messages can only be saved for 24 hours.

What is a BT SMS message?

What is BT Text? BT Text allows you to send and receive text (SMS) messages to and from other landlines, and mobile phones. It means if you don’t have a mobile phone you can join in sending and receiving texts. If you’re on pay-as-you-go mobile and you run out of credit you can still stay in touch.

How do I know if a text from BT is genuine?

You’ll know it’s a genuine message from BT if you receive the following:

  1. A text message from 61998 or 60204. If you’d prefer not to receive any text messages from us, just text STOP to 61998 or 60204.
  2. A text message from 81192.
  3. A text message or call from +44752 0652 012.

What number does BT text from?

Yes, text messages from 81192 are genuinely sent by BT. We’ll most likely have sent it in response to something you’ve done with us recently – like placing an order. It’s one of the ways we keep you up to speed with what’s going on. But if you’d prefer not to receive any text messages from us, just text STOP to 81192.

Can landlines receive text messages?

Phone numbers support 2 things… voice and text. All landlines are voice-enabled however most don’t do anything with their ability to send or receive text messages. Because voice and text are 2 completely separate functions, they work independently from each other.

What is the message Centre number for BT?

Press Edit. Enter SMS Service Centre Number: 0161274590* is displayed.

Can my landline receive text messages?

Your landline doesn’t really “receive” the text. Your phone number does. It functions as an address and handles the routing and display for both voice and text. Your voice calls still get sent to your landline phone.

What happens if a text is sent to a landline?

Text to Landline works with any mobile device that can send text messages. When you send a message to a landline, the recipient’s address is first checked to make sure it’s eligible for the Text to Landline service. Then your text message is recorded in a female voice, and the service calls the recipient’s phone.

How do BT contact you?

Just give us a call on 0800 111 4567. This line is open 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 8pm Saturday and Sunday. Calls to it are free.

Do BT send automated messages?

Police are warning about a BT broadband scam. Officers said there have been a number of reports of people receiving an automated message via their landline claiming their broadband security has been compromised. The message suggests that the account will be terminated if the user doesn’t take action.