Is Cambridge Audio worth it?

Is Cambridge Audio worth it?

The sound is almost as good – although you’ll have to attach an annoying USB dongle to use Bluetooth – and the functionality, build quality, and design are fundamentally the same. We think it’s worth spending the extra money, but if you want to experience Cambridge on a relative budget, check out the CXA60.

Are Cambridge Audio amps good?

Cambridge Audio is one of the biggest amp manufacturers on the market. They give direct competition to Rega and AudioLab, especially on the lower end options. Their amps are, therefore, very good.

Is Cambridge Audio high end?

Cambridge Audio is a British manufacturer of high-end audio equipment….Cambridge Audio.

Type Premium Audio Brand
Industry Audio equipment manufacturing
Founded 1968
Headquarters London , United Kingdom

Where are Cambridge amplifiers made?

Cambridge Audio encompasses the best parts of collaborative start-up production with the scale of a mass-manufactured end product. The mass production part happens in China before being shipped to the UK ready for sale. The result is high quality sound at affordable prices.

Does Cambridge Audio CXA81 have tone controls?

Tone controls have been bypassed, and both the signal chain and power supply have been upgraded with class-leading Wima, Rubycon, and Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors.” There’s no phono stage, which is reasonable considering the CXA81’s size and price.

What class is Cambridge Audio CXA81?

class A/B amplification
The Cambridge Audio CXA81 Integrated Amplifier The amp uses class A/B amplification, so you know the sound quality will be better than any other similar product on market today!

Where is Cambridge Audio located?

Cambridge, England
Let’s Start at the Beginning. In 1968 a group of talented, young technology graduates established a high technology R&D and prototyping business in Cambridge, England. We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved in the decades since.

Is Cambridge SoundWorks gone?

As of 2020, all Cambridge SoundWorks retail showrooms are closed. The company continued to manufacture loudspeakers for home theater and multimedia applications, as well as distribute other brands such as Sony and Marantz.

Does the Cambridge Audio CXA81 have a phono stage?

There’s no phono stage, which is reasonable considering the CXA81’s size and price.

Does CXA81 support MQA?

Like the CXA-81, the iDSD Micro BL supports MQA and DSD.