Is Lux a good support Wild Rift?

Is Lux a good support Wild Rift?

The most popular role to play Lux is in the Mid Lane, and in some cases as Support, this is mostly due to the champion being a Mage with Magic Damage. How good is Lux in Wild Rift? Lux is ranked A-Tier, which we consider a good pick for ranking up in ranked queue in the Middle Lane.

Can Lux heal?

Redemption. A great item for many support champions, Redemption offers Lux a way to heal her allies as well as strengthening the power of her shields. The item boasts a unique active ability that sees the champion select a location, casting down a beam of light healing nearby enemies.

Who counters Lux support Wild Rift?

League of Legends Wild Rift Lux Counters are Aurelion Sol, Yasuo, and Gragas, which have the best chance of winning Lux in the lane. You DO NOT want to pick Galio or Akali as they will most likely lose to Lux. In Terms of Synergy, picks like Ezreal and Garen are good with Lux.

Is Lux a good solo queue?

She may not have any healing spells, but sometimes shooting a giant laser at your opponents is enough to dissuade further skirmishes. What makes Lux such a great solo queue pick is her ability to carry her laner should they end up feeding.

How do you play Lux like a pro?


  1. Lux has great zone control abilities. Try to set up.
  2. Cast your basic spells with the intent of catching as many targets as possible. It will make the most out of the high costs.
  3. Lux has very little options when fighting an ambush, so play from a distance as much as possible.

What type of champion is Lux?

Lux is one of those League of Legends champions you can never go wrong with. In most of the situations, she’s a safe pick and also a great champion to learn in order to climb up the ranked ladder. Lux’s shiny abilities perfectly describe her – she is a mid-game champion you always get a chance to shine with.