Is MiG-29 the best fighter?

Is MiG-29 the best fighter?

Despite all these limitations, once the furball started, the Fulcrum was the perfect fighter to fly. In fact thanks to its superb aerodynamics and helmet-mounted sight, the MiG-29 was an exceptional fighter for close-in combat, even compared to aircraft like the F-15, F-16 and F/A-18.

Is MiG-29 obsolete?

The MiG-29 has also been a popular export aircraft; more than 30 nations either operate or have operated the aircraft to date. As of 2013 the MiG-29 was still in production by Mikoyan, a subsidiary of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) since 2006.

What is the difference between MiG-29 and MiG-35?

Compared to the MiG-29, the MiG-35 benefits from a higher weapons payload, more powerful and fuel efficient engines, a higher fuel capacity, and an AESA radar which is both more powerful and harder to jam than the various passively scanned radars used by MiG-29 variants.

Which is better MiG-29 or su35?

MiG vs Sukhoi Despite some issues with engine reliability, the MiG-29 with its 27-ton max weight apparently works better in high altitudes than heavier fighter jets like Su-30s. The MiG-29’s outstanding performance in harsh conditions, compared to the bulkier Sukhoi jets is no secret now.

What is the difference between the MiG-29 and the F-16?

One needs to be aware that both MiG-29 and F-16 were developed in different circumstances, which had an impact on different requirements towards the jets. F-16 was designed to be a cost effective, light multirole (fighter-bomber) jet that could be a support to the more expensive F-15 Eagle.

Which is better MiG-29 or Su-27?

The MiG-29 is more maneuverable, the reason why the performance of MiG-29 and Su-27s at airshow is always very impressive – especially the versions with thrust vectoring (TVC), eg the Sukhoi Su-37 and the Mikoyan MiG-35 (MiG-29 OVT). It is always hard to clearly point which jet is better, or assess the quality of the aircraft.

Which countries use the MiG-29?

Even the US Air Force purchased MiG-29s from Moldova. But of course the research results and tests are not really public, one would lose an advantage if too much information is public. The Polish Air Force is currently operating the F-16 and the MiG-29.

What are the features of MiG-29 flanker?

Another interesting feature of the eastern MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-29 Flanker is the IRST (Infra-red search and track). It was most successful when the Indian Air Force Su-27 had 9:1 wins against the American Air Force F-15 in a joint exercise.