Is monteiths apple cider sweet?

Is monteiths apple cider sweet?

This cider is perfectly crisp on a hot summer day (or any day for me), balanced flavours making it not too sweet and not too dry, it is almost clear in colour and lightly spritzed.

Is monteiths apple cider dry?

A refreshing and easy drinking dry-style cider, made from 100% freshly crushed New Zealand apples. Serve over ice for the ultimate refreshment hit.

How many calories are in Monteith apple cider?

Monteith’s apple cider comes in a 330ml bottle, is 4.5 per cent alcohol and contains 1.2 standard drinks per bottle. There are 147 calories per bottle which is the equivalent to 2.5 pieces of bread.

Is monteiths apple cider good?

After being crushed and fermented for 3 months, Monteith’s have a great tasting cider, which is unbeatably refreshing when poured over ice. ABV (Alcohol): 4.5% vol.

Is pure blonde organic cider gluten free?

Pure Blonde Cider is a crisp apple cider with 60% less sugar, and 50% less carbohydrates than regular cider, is low gluten and perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

How many carbs are in Monteith cider?

Nutrition Information

Calories 145 (607 kJ)
Carbohydrate 15.5 g 5%
Sugars 15.5 g
Sodium 3 mg 0%
Alcohol 11.9 g

What is Somersby Apple Cider?

A refreshing, premium Apple Cider from Denmark, Somersby is made from quality apple ingredients. It’s free of artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours and has a unique, refreshing taste.

Is Somersby cider dry or sweet?

dry cider
Somersby Cider UK is a 4.5% ABV medium dry cider with no artificial flavours or sweeteners. Despite its Danish origin, the cider is marketed in many territories as being the creation of “Lord Somersby”, a fictional English Lord.

Is Pure Blonde cider dry?

So if Pure Blonde Crisp Apple Cider were to be entered into this year’s Australian Cider Awards it would slot neatly into the New World Medium Cider (1.004 -1019SG). The key word here is Medium. Not sweet cider, not dry sweet but right in the middle of the market spectrum.

Where is Pure Blonde from?

Pure Blonde is a brand of low carb beer and cider produced in Australia. As of 2020 the brand is marketed internationally by Lion.

How do you drink Somersby Apple Cider?

Best served over ice at 5°C This cider is more than a cider; it’s a drop of refreshing optimism. Perfect for sharing in the company of good friends, family and odd acquaintances.