Is the Ruger Mark 4 a good gun?

Is the Ruger Mark 4 a good gun?

The Ruger Mark IV is a remarkably good-looking pistol that rocks a vintage shape and a plethora of modernized features. It feels fantastic in the hands too. My model, the “Target” variant, has a stainless steel frame with wooden grips.

What does a Ruger 22 45 shoot?

The Ruger 22/45, as the name suggests, is a . 22 caliber pistol, chambered to accept the . 22 Long Rifle cartridge. These are fired from a ten-round magazine, which slots into the grip.

When did the Ruger Mark 4 come out?

The MK IV (“Mark Four”) is the fourth-generation successor to the original Ruger Standard. Introduced in 2016, the MK IV succeeded the MK III.

Is the 22/45 Lite any good?

At the shooting range the new 22/45 Lite proved to be as fun and comfortable to shoot as I hoped it would be. With an unloaded weight of exactly 25 oz., it’s light enough to shoot all day without being so light that it’s hard to keep the front sight on target.

How does the Ruger 22/45 work?

The 22/45’s manual of arms is the same as any other Ruger Mark pistol. The “ears” on the bolt let the shooter charge the gun once one of the two included 10-round magazines is inserted and the bolt locks open when empty.

Why buy a 22/45 Mark IV?

The 22/45 provides a near-ideal sight picture and its looong sight radius ensures you’ll hit exactly what you point it at. If you want to attach a Picatinny rail to mount a red dot or other optic to the Mark IV 22/45, the barrel comes drilled and tapped.

Is the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite rimfire pistol any good?

The new Mark IV 22/45 Lite rimfire pistol smoothly blends what I think are three of the best features of the entire series: the reliability and accuracy of Bill Ruger’s original design, the reduced weight of the Lite series and the very easy to use tool-less Mark IV takedown system.