Is Trumpton and Camberwick Green?

Camberwick Green is the first in the Trumptonshire trilogy, which also includes Trumpton and Chigley.

Is Trumpton and Camberwick Green?

Camberwick Green is the first in the Trumptonshire trilogy, which also includes Trumpton and Chigley.

Is Trumpton a real place?

The action takes place in the fictional town of Trumpton, a short distance from the equally fictional village of Camberwick Green, the focus of the first series in the Trumptonshire Trilogy. Each episode begins with a shot of Trumpton Town Hall clock: “Here is the clock, the Trumpton clock.

Who made Trumpton?

Gordon Murray
Gordon Murray (puppeteer)

Gordon Murray
Occupation Television producer, puppeteer
Years active 1950–1989, 1989-1992
Notable work Camberwick Green Trumpton Chigley
Spouse(s) Enid Martin

Is Camberwick Green a real place?

Camberwick Green is a quiet village community with a Post Office and several village shops, as was still common in late 1960s England. The wider parish includes outlying properties such as Colley’s Mill, Bell’s farm, Tripp’s Dairy, and Pippin Fort.

Is Trumpton a Plumpton?

Plumpton is a village but in the show Trumpton is quite clearly a town. Furthermore, it is the county town of Trumptonshire. Plimpton, Wivelsfield Green and Chailey are all relatively close to Lewes,the county town of East Sussex.

What were the firemen called in Trumpton?

Commanded by the able Captain Flack “Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub” are Trumpton’s firemen and they are continually being called out to attend some emergency but never an actual fire.

Where was Trumpton based on?

But has found strong evidence to suggest that Trumptonshire is based on a small corner of East Sussex. The villages of Plumpton Green, Chailey and Wivelsfield Green roughly match the description given by the show’s creator, Gordon Murray, in 1999.

Who narrated Trumpton?

Brian CantTrumpton / Narrated by

Where is Chigley?

Chigley (1969) is the third and final stop-motion children’s television series in Gordon Murray’s Trumptonshire trilogy. Production details are identical to Camberwick Green. As in Camberwick Green and Trumpton, the action centres on a small community, the village of Chigley, near Camberwick Green in Trumptonshire.

What was Trumpton based on?

Who was the narrator of Trumpton?

Where was Trumpton filmed?

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