The main rules of writing an essay structure

All students have to deal with writing an essay paper. The creation of a professional essay requires a lot of knowledge form the writer, but the first thing to know and to remember is the peculiarity of the essay’s structure. Moreover, knowledge about it helps to save the time of writing.

The essential characteristics of the structure

Every student has to know that it is difficult to write a good essay without knowledge about its structure. There are several points that play an important role in essay composition.

  • Introduction (1 paragraph);
  • The main body (the number of paragraphs depends on the number of used arguments);
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph).

At first blush, this plan looks easy that is not true. The case is that there are big amounts of details that should be taken into consideration during writing an essay paper. Let’s consider the structure of the essay more fully.


It is the first paragraph of the essay. Consequently, this part of the text introduces the reader with the main topic. Introduction of the essay should not be longer 5-10 sentences. In the rest of the cases, it can consist of one solid paragraph. In addition, it is important to attract the reader’s attention so try to use some literary techniques.

The main body

It is the most difficult part of the work, and during writing an essay, the text separation on paragraphs can help to understand the author’s idea better. It includes as many paragraphs as arguments proving the author’s point of view. The main thing is that only one idea is considered in the essay paper. Moreover, the main body should only contain the writer’s opinion but also the development of his argument and validation of made conclusions. To prove the writer’s idea it is important to know that the main body should consist of: the main point (the statement that should be proved), the rationale (the argument is used to prove the point), small conclusion (partial answer to the main question)

Arguments are assertions that convince the reader of the verity of a particular point of view. It can be different situations from life, scientists’’ opinion, facts and so on. Argumentation can be organized in the next secession:

  • Statement;
  • Explanation;
  • Example;
  • Final assertion;
  • Small conclusion.

During the presentation of essay material, it is important to write briefly and intelligible to a reader can understand what your essay paper about. It is also essential to observe the logic connections that help to retrace the sequences of the proof of arguments.


The conclusion is the last part of your work that is usually written in one solid paragraph. It summarizes everything that was mentioned in the main body of the essay. It is important that the conclusion should conform to the idea, and should not be taken “from nowhere”. In addition, it is not necessary to write a big quantity of sentences: 3-4 is enough to sum the essay up. In addition, students should reckon in that if the aim of the introduction is for attraction reader attention, then the aim of the last sentences of the conclusion is to add integrity of the picture.

There are moments when you do not feel up for writing an essay paper or you do not have enough time. In this case, you can look for several sites that could provide you with a professional paper writing service. Nowadays there are amounts of offers that are more suitable for you.

It is going without saying that there are many essay paper types with their structural features. Therefore, the universal structure of the essay writing, which was considered in this article, can help you begin writing in any direction.

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