What are font families in HTML?

In CSS there are five generic font families:

What are font families in HTML?

In CSS there are five generic font families:

  • Serif fonts have a small stroke at the edges of each letter.
  • Sans-serif fonts have clean lines (no small strokes attached).
  • Monospace fonts – here all the letters have the same fixed width.
  • Cursive fonts imitate human handwriting.
  • Fantasy fonts are decorative/playful fonts.

What is the best font family for website?

7 best web design fonts

  1. Open Sans. Open Sans is a highly readable, neutral, and minimalist font to choose from.
  2. Montserrat. Another one of the best web fonts to choose from is Montserrat.
  3. Roboto. Roboto is a sans-serif typeface that is geometric but also has open curves.
  4. Playfair Display.
  5. Lato.
  6. Merriweather.
  7. Helvetica.

What is difference between font family and font style?

yash shukla tech. With a font-family you set more than one font to the selected item that could be reverted to should the 1st font fail to load, the 2nd will take it’s place and so on while with the font-style you set only one font to selected item with no back up font to revert to.

What is default font family?

The default font family is defined by the browser preferences. In this example, the browser will try to use Source Sans Pro if it’s available. If it can’t find it, it will try to use Arial . If it’s not available either, it will use the browser’s sans-serif font.

What is the use of font face in HTML?

The HTML face Attribute is used to specify the font family of the text inside element. Attribute Values: It contains single value font_family which is used to specify the font family.

How do I import a font family into CSS?

  1. Add font by clicking +
  2. Go to selected font > Embed > @IMPORT > copy url and paste in your . css file above body tag.
  3. It’s done.

How do I create a font family in Windows 10?

Use these steps to install a new font family using the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open Settings on Windows 10.
  2. Click on Personalization.
  3. Click on Fonts.
  4. Click the Get more fonts in the Store link. Fonts settings on Windows 10.
  5. Select the font want. Microsoft Store fonts section.
  6. Click the Get button to install.

What are the different font families in HTML?

Cursive. Cursive fonts imitate handwriting,usually having the letters joined together in a looped,flowing manner.

  • Fantasy. The Fantasy font family generally features decorative attributes present on each letter.
  • Serif.
  • Sans-serif.
  • Monospace.
  • What is the best font for HTML?

    Alternate Gothic.

  • Open Sans.…
  • Alegreya.…
  • Titillium Sans and Dosis.…
  • Merriweather.…
  • Yellowtail.…
  • Playfair Display.…
  • Arvo. Arvo is a very good slab serif font family,created by Anton Koovit.…
  • What are the different font styles in HTML?

    Styles font-style: normal: The Quick… The Quick… font-style: italic: The Quick… The Quick…

    What fonts are supported in HTML?

    font-family:’Franklin Gothic Medium’,’Arial Narrow’,Arial,sans-serif;

  • font-family:’Gill Sans’,’Gill Sans MT’,Calibri,’Trebuchet MS’,sans-serif;
  • font-family:’Lucida Sans’,’Lucida Sans Regular’,’Lucida Grande’,’Lucida Sans Unicode’,Geneva,Verdana,sans-serif;
  • font-family:’Segoe UI’,Tahoma