What are good topics for a Powerpoint presentation?

Presentation Topic Suggestions For Students:

What are good topics for a Powerpoint presentation?

Presentation Topic Suggestions For Students:

  • Global Warming.
  • Academic Freedom.
  • Human Capital.
  • Life as a nomad.
  • Green House Effect.
  • Global Technology.
  • Online Education.
  • Classroom of the future.

What are some good presentation topics?

15 Minute Presentation Topics

  • The ways to fight unemployment in the world.
  • The benefits of alternative sources of energy.
  • The idea of Global Internet.
  • The evolution of modern cinema.
  • The ways to make universities free for everyone.
  • The phenomenon of gentrification.
  • The benefits of diversity for a working process.

What is the best topic for technical presentation?

Latest Technical Paper Presentation Topics

  • Aircraft GPS Tracking.
  • Blockchain Technology.
  • Robotic Process Automation.
  • 3D Printing Technology.
  • How to tackle Phishing Attacks.
  • Applications of 5G Technology: How can it Revolutionize the Industry?
  • 5G Wireless Technology.
  • Aqua communication using modem.

Which topic is best for technical seminar?

The most popular technical seminar topics are listed below….Monitoring System for RO Water using IoT

  • Mobile train radio communication.
  • Paper battery.
  • Smart antenna for mobile communication.
  • Smart note taker.
  • Embedded web technology.
  • Low energy efficiency wireless.
  • Communication network design.
  • Seminar on artificial passenger.

What is 5G technology Slideshare?

 5G Wireless: 5th generation wireless technology  Complete wireless communication with almost no limitations  Can be called REAL wireless world  Has incredible transmission speed  Concept is only theory not real.

What are non technical topics?

Non Technical Topics for Group Discussion on Environment

  • Importance of Sanitation.
  • Air Quality.
  • Vehicular Pollution.
  • Swacch Bharat Mission.
  • Revival of Groundwater Reservoirs.
  • Shift to the Renewable Sources of Energy.
  • Harmful Effects of Blaring Music.
  • Save Wildlife and Environment.

What is technical seminar engineering?

A Technical Seminar Presentation is an important part of the Engineering curriculum along with the Project. A technical presentation on a seminar topic will help an Engineering student to understand the topic well and also gain knowledge about that topic by doing background research.